Descendants of Hartwig Kruezfeld
of Schleswig-Holstein

Grand Duchy of

Generation #1

Hartwig Kruezfeld of Schleswig-Holstein

Hartwig Kruezfeld was born 2/18/1735 in Passade, Duchy of Holstein. a vassal state of the Holy Roman Empire [HRE]. On 2/7/1766 in Schoenberg, Duchy of Holstein, Hartwig married Gretje Wiese b. 8/15/1734 Goedersdorf, Duchy of Holstein.

By the 15th Century, the Duchy of Schleswig was bound by marriages and alliances to the Duchy of Holstein, a vassal state of the Holy Roman Empire. And in 1460, the two Duchies were formally united by the Treaty of Ribe wherein the two duchies were declared Up Ewig Ungedeelt, or "Forever Undivided." However, the King of Denmark was always the Duke of Schleswig but not always the Duke of Holstein. And when he was the Duke of Holstein, he was a vassal of the Holy Roman Empire [HRE]. Thus in more modern times, the military boundary shifted south across Holstein to the Elbe River and then back north over and over again depending on which principality ruled Holstein.

As an ethnic German in a state, ruled by a Danish King, Hinrich and his descendants would have watched the Danish Army march south to the boarder of the HRE and then retreat back north with the change of Dukes. And as armies pass through your homeland, they conscript resources, including young men for service in the army. Divisions between the German peoples of Holstein and the Danish Crown would eventually erupt into two wars. [The 48ers and Social Revolution]

Hartwig and Gretje lived the remainder of their lives in Fiefbergen. Hartwig died 3/16/1816 in Fiefbergen, Duchy of Holstein.

Hartwig and Gretje are important to this research; as their descendants married into the Arps who married into the Lafrenzes and married again back into the Wiese family. The Wieses, the Arps, and the Lafrenzes all immigrated to America and settled in Scott Co IA.


    1. Dittmer Kruezfeld

    2. Joachim Kruezfeld

    3. Hans Kruezfeld b. 3/24/1772 Fiefbergen, Duchy of Holstein

    4. Trina Kruezfeld

Generation #2


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