Descendants of Hartwig Kruezfeld
of Schleswig-Holstein

Grand Duchy of

Generation #2

Hans (1Hartwig) Kruezfeld of Schleswig-Holstein

Hans Kruezfeld was born 3/24/1772 in Fiefbergen, Duchy of Holstein. By the time of Han's birth, the Kruezfeld family lived in Fiefbergen and attended the local Lutheran Church in Schoenberg. Schoenberg was the center of cultural life in the Probstei region. And, the communities of Prasdorf, Fiefbergen, Goedersdorf, Ratjendorf, and Bendfeld are within a three-mile radius of Schoenberg.

On 4/5/1794 in Schoenberg, Duchy of Holstein, Hans married 1st cousin Becke Wiese b. 2/16/1771 Ratjendorf, Duchy of Holstein. Hans and Becke lived the remainder of their lives in Fiefbergen.


    1. Wiebke Kruezfeld


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