Descendants of Theodor Friedrich Stamer
of the German Empire

German Empire (1871 - 1919)

Generation #1

Theodor Friedrich Stamer of the German Empire
Information update courtesy of cousins Frederick Stamer and Fr. Brian Miclot.

Theodor Stamer was born 1858 in Danischenhagen, Duchy of Schleswig, just after the failed First Schleswig-Holstein War which effectively ended in a tie. The Schleswig-Holstein Army having suffered several defeats, the German Confederation interfered, sending 40,000 Austrian troops into Holstein. And, the rebel army was disbanded.  [The 48ers and Social Revolution]

At the conclusion of the war, Schleswig, the northern duchy remained within the Kingdom of Denmark under occupation by the Danish Army. And Holstein, the southern duchy of Schleswig-Holstein, remained within the German Confederation under occupation by the Austrian Army.

Tensions within both duchies continued to be high. The ethnic German majority in Schleswig was unhappy living under the "yoke of Danish oppression." And, the ethnic Germans of Holstein were discomfited by Austrian occupation. The combined duchies of Schleswig and Holstein were in a state of continuous revolt against Danish rule, but had not yet been incorporated into Prussia and the German Confederation.

In the 1860s, Wilhelm of Prussia began a campaign to unite the disparate German states, which culminated in the Franco-Prussian War of 1871. With the defeat of France and the previous defeat of Austria in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, the second German Empire was formed. And, Schleswig-Holstein was its northernmost state.

Of note, there was a Second Schleswig-Holstein War (2/1864-10/1864) which began on 2/1/1864 when Prussian troops attacked across the Eider River out of Holstein into Schleswig. And, the war ended on 10/30/1864 with the Treaty of Vienna. With the treaty, Denmark ceded both duchies with Schleswig going to Austria and Holstein going to Prussia. And with the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein were now a part of Prussia and the German Confederation; and ultimately, both duchies became part of the future German Empire.

Having survived the comings and goings of armies during his youth, Theodor Stamer migrated south to the vicinity of Kiel.  And in about 1880, Theodor Stamer married Anna Henriette Tank b. c. 1860 Duchy of Holstein. Theodor and Anna lived in Schinkel uber Kiel, a suburb of the great port city until Anna's death prior to 8/1908. And, we benefit from an updated list of children for this couple.

In 1900 at the age of 16, son Wilhelm Fritz began his career as a professional gardener. And, he had many positions. By 1908 Theodor Stamer and his son, Wilhelm Fritz, were living near Mainz in the Rheinland. From there they voyaged down the Rhine to Rotterdam, Netherlands, where they booked passage on the SS Rotterdam to America. Embarking on 7/25/1908, Theodor and Wilhelm arrived at Ellis Island NY on 8/3/1908.

Until recently, no one knew of Theodor's fate; as there was no documentation of son Wilhelm Fritz's immigration. From the naturalization papers for Wilhelm Fritz, their date and port of arrival were found. With this date, Theodor and Wilhelm Fritz were found at Ellis Island with the last name of "Starmer."

The SS Rotterdam's manifest shows Theodor and Wilhelm Fritz Starmer immigrating from Kappel, which is west of Mainz to Ellis Island. And, Wilhelm Fritz is specified as "Son." There destination is listed as Davenport IA, and their sponsor is listed as Karl Krell (Bakery). Note, the 1908 Davenport Directory lists Krell Confectioners at 218 Brady Street.

Nothing more is known of Theodor after Ellis Island. When asked, Wilhelm Fritz is noted for saying about his father: [in German] "I couldn't get him to come with me." Previously, this was understood to mean Theodor stayed behind in Germany. However, we now understand that Wilhelm Fritz was referring to his father's refusal to complete the journey to Davenport, Iowa. Of note, there is the possibility that Theodor continued his journey west to live with a daughter in Pipestone MN.


    1. Son Stamer

    2. Ferdinand Stamer

    3. Wilhelm Fritz Stamer b. 10/3/1884 Schinkel uber Kiel, Duchy of Holstein

    4. Augusta Louisa Stamer (Conjecture)

    5. Bertha Stamer

    6. Elizabeth Stamer

Generation #2


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