Descendants of Theodor Friedrich Stamer
of the German Empire

German Empire (1871 - 1919)

Generation #2

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Wilhelm Fritz (1Theodor Friedrich) Stamer
Information update courtesy of cousins Frederick Stamer and Fr. Brian Miclot.

Wilhelm Fritz Stamer was born 10/3/1884 in Schinkel uber Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, German Empire. His parents were ethnic Germans who grew up in the Duchy of Schleswig under Danish rule. But since 1871 and the unification of the disparate German principalities into the German Empire, the family were Germans finally living in a German nation. [The 48ers and Social Revolution]

In 3/1900 at the age of 16, Wilhelm Fritz began his professional career. Following primary school, Wilhelm apprenticed as a gardener and groundskeeper for a German Lord in Eckernforde, Schleswig-Holstein. In 3/1904 he left this position to continue his training with H. Niemann-Master Gardener, the Twedter Tree Nursery, and Th. Brickman-Landscape Architecture and Horticulturalist. Note, sister Augusta is believed to have married the Nieman's son.

As a good son of the German Empire, Wilhelm Fritz enlisted in the German Army on 11/10/1906 in Flensburg and was assigned to the "Queen's Transport Regiment, Ninth Division, Schleswig-Holstein." Wilhelm Fritz was discharged on 7/7/1907.

One year later, Wilhelm Fritz received his Guild license as a Master Gardener on 6/16/1908. Following his accreditation, Wilhelm Fritz spent his time gathering letters of introduction and recommendations from his employers and teachers. And on 7/17/1908, he received his passport with intention of immigrating to America.

Sometime prior, Wilhem Fritz's mother died, and his father came to join him. According to his immigration record, Wilhelm Fritz and Theodor were living in Kappel, Rhineland, when they began their journey to America. Traveling down the Rhine River to the Netherlands, the two booked passage aboard the SS Rotterdam, arriving at Ellis Island NY on 8/3/1908. Wilhelm Fritz's whereabouts are not know from his arrival at Ellis Island in 1908 until his enumeration in the 1910 Scott Co IA Census.

Wilhelm Fritz lived in the farming community of Probstei which is located in northwest Scott Co IA. And. Probstei was named for the rural German/Danish community northeast of Kiel which was the ancestral home for many of the residents. Wilhelm Fritz is first enumerated in the 1910 Scott Co IA Census, living at the Oldenburg Farm. The Wiese Family lived on the next farm. And, Wilhelm would marry their daughter, Dora.

On 5/7/1913 at the Wiese home in Davenport IA, Wilhelm Fritz Stamer married Dorothea "Dora" Wiese b. 7/18/1879 in Davenport IA. Wilhelm Fritz and Dora lived with her parents on Marquette Street, and Dora inherited the home upon the death of her parents. After moving to Davenport, Wilhelm also worked as a chauffer/mechanic for Dr. Matteys, physician to the German speaking population.

Although a young man, Wilhelm Frederick/Fritz was an accomplished landscape architect and stone mason in addition to his accreditation as Master Gardener. His early works in Davenport include the “Little Bit of Heaven” at Palmer College of Chiropractic and the arched stone bridge at Vander Veer Park. Additionally, Wilhelm Frederick/Fritz is credited with planting the avenue of trees through the middle of the park.

Stone Bridge at Vander Veer Park, Davenport IA

Unfortunately, Wilhelm Frederick/Fritz died due to complications from surgery on 5/31/1932. Dora outlived William by nearly 38 years, dying in 1970. Both are buried at Pine Hill Cemetery, Davenport IA.

William F.
1884 - 1932
1879 - 1970
1910 Federal Census: Scott County, Iowa
                                                   Dad Mom
DW# FM   Last      First    Rel        Sex Age POB POB POB OCCUP
173 173  Oldenburg Albert   Head       M   34  IA  Ger Ger Farmer
                   Dora     Wife       M   29  IA  Ger Ger 
         Stamer    Wilhelm  Hired Man  M   25  Ger Ger Ger Laborer
         Andresen  Harry    Hired Man  M   26  IA  Ger Ger Laborer
1920 Federal Census: Scott County, Iowa
Note: Census shows German spoken in the home.     Dad  Mom
FM   Last    First     Rel         Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
141  Stamer  Wilhelm   Head        M    35   Ger  Ger  Ger  Gardener
             Dora      Wife        F    40   IA   IA   IA
             Margaret  Dau         F    6    IA   Ger  IA
             Marion    Dau         F    4    IA   Ger  IA
             Martha    Dau         F    2    IA   Ger  IA
             Edward    Son         M    1    IA   Ger  IA
     Wiese   Henry     Father/Law  M    83   IA   IA   IA
1930 Federal Census: Scott County, Iowa
FM   Last    First     Rel      Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
903  Stamer  William   Head     M    47   Ger  Ger  Ger  Florist
             Dora      Wife     F    50   IA   IA   IA
             Margaret  Dau      F    16   IA   IA   IA
             Marion    Dau      F    14   IA   IA   IA
             Martha    Dau      F    12   IA   IA   IA
             Edward    Son      M    10   IA   IA   IA
             Howard    Son      M     7   IA   IA   IA
             Arnold    Son      M     5   IA   IA   IA
     Wiese   Adolph    Bro/Law  M    55   IA   Ger  Ger  None


    1. Margaret Ann Stamer

    2. Marion Emma Stamer b. Davenport IA

    3. Martha Dora Stamer

    4. Edward Henry Stamer

    5. Howard W. Stamer

    6. Arnold Frederick Stamer

Generation #3


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