Descendants of Heinrich Wiese
of Schleswig-Holstein

Grand Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein

Generation #3

Joachim (2Heinrich, 1Heinrich) Wiese of Schleswig-Holstein

Joachim Wiese was born 1772 in Ratjendorf, Probstei, Duchy of Holstein. During Joachim's life, Schleswig-Holstein, although a German province, was ruled by the King of Denmark. Growing up an ethnic German under Danish rule was probably difficult. History tells us that ethnic Germans began a series of revolts which culminated in the ill-fated 1848 Revolution.

In 1802 Joachim married Ester Stuhr b. 1775 Probstei, Duchy of Holstein. Although neither Joachim nor Ester immigrated, two of their three known children did--Joachim and Claus.

Joachim and Ester died about 1830 in Probstei, Duchy of Holstein.


    1. Heinrich Wiese b. 1803 Ratjendorf, Duchy of Holstein

    2. Joachim "James" Wiese b. 8/26/1806 Ratjendorf, Duchy of Holstein

    3. Claus Wiese

Ship Washington; Ship's Master: Plaatz
Departed 9/1756 from Hamburg
Arrived 11/1856 at New Orleans
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Clause WIESE   Self   W   Male   W   61   HOLSTINE   Farmer   HOLSTINE   HOLSTINE 
 Henry WIESE   Other   S   Male   W   27   HOLSTINE   Farmer   HOLSTINE   HOLSTINE 
 Anna WIESE   Dau   S   Female   W   24   HOLSTINE   Keeping House   HOLSTINE   HOLSTINE 

Generation #4


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