Descendants of Heinrich Wiese
of Schleswig-Holstein

Grand Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein

Generation #4

Joachim "James" (3Joachim, 2Heinrich, 1Heinrich) Wiese of Probstei, Scott Co IA

Joachim "James" Wiese was born 8/26/1806 in Ratjendorf, Probstei, the Duchy of Holstein. And, he grew up on the family farm in Probstei. In about 1835 in Probstei, Duchy of Holstein, James married Katherine "Trine" Ewoldt b. 1807 in the Duchy of Holstein. At this time, the Duchy of Holstein, although a German province, was ruled by the King of Denmark. And, life was difficult for ethnic Germans.

James' youngest brother Claus and family had fled Holstein for America, settling in Clinton Co IA. Next, James' middle son, Claus, followed suit, immigrating in 1856 aboard the Ship Washington to New Orleans. Family history states that son Claus was fleeing to avoid service in the Danish Army.

The greatest threat to a young man of Holstein was whether or not he was going to be conscripted by the whichever army was occupying Holstein at the time. Prior to 1848, young men were conscripted into the Danish Army. And, those same young men wound up fighting with the ill-fated Schleswig-Holstein Army during the Schleswig-Holstein War. Having lost the war, the Danish Army returned to Holstein.

The story goes that in about 1852, Henry, the oldest son, had his turn in the Danish Army. And, there is circumstantial evidence which indicates James, their father, may have served in the Schleswig Wars in the 6th Battalion, 4th Company of the Schleswig-Holstein Army. Needless to say, Henry and James would have related their experiences to young Claus. So by 1856 when the Danish Army came around again, young Claus ran away, immigrating to America right behind his Uncle Claus.

The Wiese family was part of an ethnic German migration stream named for the year of its inception: 1848. And, the Forty-Eighters became the largest ethnic minority in the American Midwest. [The 48ers and Social Revolution]

After son Claus's immigration, James and family followed. They departed 11/1857 for Hamburg and sojourned until the ship's departure. The family departed 4/9/1758 aboard the Sir Isaac Newton, arriving in New Orleans on 6/7/1858. They next traveled up the Mississippi River by steamboat, arriving two weeks later in Davenport IA.

James and Trine settled in Grand Mound, Clinton Co IA. Trine died sometime before the 1870 census. And, James is found in the 1870 and 1880 Clinton Co censuses. Sometime after 1880, James moved to Carroll Co IA where he lived out his life with son James. Joachim "James" died 8/24/1896 in Carroll Co IA and is buried in Manning Cemetery, Carroll Co IA.

Mitglieder des Davenport Vereigns der Kampfgenossen
aus den Schleswig-Holstein'schen Befreiungskriegen 
in den Jahren 1848, 1849, und 1850.

Nachtrag zur Mitglied - Liste des
Davenporter Vereigns der Schl.-Holst. Kampfgenossen:
Wiese, Jochim 6. Bataillen, 4. Comp.
July 1, 1887

Members of the Davenport Club of the Veterans
of the Schleswig-Holstein War of Liberation
in the years 1848, 1849, and 1850.

Supplement to the Members List of the
Davenport (Iowa) Society of the Schleswig-Holstein Veterans:
Wiese, Joachim 6th Battalion, 4th Company

Sir Isaac Newton, flying the Hamburg flag
Master H. H. Paap
Departed 4/9/1758 from Hamburg
Arrived 6/7/1858 at New Orleans
1860 Scott County IA Census: Davenport Twp
DW#  FM#   Last  First   Age  S  R  Occup.      POB
2580 2497  Wiese Jachim  55   M  W  Farmer      Holstein
                 Trena   55   F  W              "
                 John    16   M  W              "
1870 Clinton County IA Census: Orange Twp
DW#  FM#  Last      First    Age  S  R  Occup.      POB
14   12   Wiese     Joachim  26   M  W  Farmer      Holstein
                    Joachim  63   M  W  Farmer      "
          Kahl      Adolfus  15   M  W  Laborer     "
          Radeleff  Julia    20   F  W  Housekeeper "
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Joachim WISE   Self   M   Male   W   36   HOLSTEIN   Farmer   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Emma WISE   Wife   M   Female   W   26   HOLSTEIN   Keeping House   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Joachim WISE   Father   W   Male   W   73   HOLSTEIN      HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 


    1. Heinrich "Henry" Wiese b. 1/25/1837 Bendfeld, Duchy of Holstein

    2. Claus Wiese

Ship Washington; Ship's Master: Plaatz
Departed 9/1756 from Hamburg
Arrived 11/1856 at New Orleans
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Claus WIESE   Self   M   Male   W   39   HOLSTEIN   Farmer   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Louisa WIESE   Wife   M   Female   W   33   HOLSTEIN   Keeping House   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 

    3. Joachim "James" Wiese

Generation #5


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