*Descendants of Johann Jacob Barben
of Lower Palatinate, Germany

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C.)

Generation #2

* Many facts related to the genealogy and immigration of the Barben/Barbe/Barb Family were excerpt from Barbe, Waverly Wilson, et. al. Barb-- Barbe Genealogy: A Progressive Numerical Register of Some of the Descendants of Johann Jacob Barb, born 28 Nov. 1725, Hochstenbach, Westerwald, Germany, died 20 Apr. 1819, Shenandoah Co., Virginia. Honesdale , PA: Barbe & Associates, 1993.

Mary (1Johann Jacob) Barb

Mary Barb was born 1761, reportedly in Hunterton Co NJ. Her parents were German Palatinates who began their migration up the Rhine River, across the Atlantic, and continued westward in America. The first verifiable residence for the Barb Family was in Loudoun Co VA in 1769.

In 1777 in Loudoun Co VA, Mary Barb married her neighbor, John Sager b. c. 1760 Duchy of Hesse. After the death of her mother, the family moved piecemeal west to the area of Stony Creek, Shenandoah Co VA where the family settled down and most of their children were born. Before 1787, John and Mary migrated west again to Hardy Co (W) VA.

Mary died before 10/1826 in Trout Run, Hardy Co (W) VA


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