Descendants of Bastiaens
of New Amsterdam


Generation #1

Bastiaen Elissen of New Amsterdam

Bastiaen Elissen was born c. 1618 in the Dutch Republic. In about 1634, Cornelis married an unknown spouse.

The first record for Bastiaen and family is found in the 1660 immigration document for the Gilded Otter from Rotterdam to New Amsterdam, Dutch America, where he arrived with his wife and five children. From the following record, we learn that Bastiaen's family immigrated in the company of French Huguenot refugees.

Mattieu Blanchan and his wife Madeleine Joris (Maddeleen Jorisse) came to America on the Gilded Otter which arrived in New Amsterdam in June 1660 from England. . .The passengers on the Gilded Otter which sailed for America on 27 April 1660, were the first Huguenot refugees to immigrate to New Netherland. The Gilded Otter arrived in New Amsterdam in June 1660, where Matttheiu Blanchan obtained a letter from Governor Stuyvesant to Sergeant Romp at Esopus, a community near Wiltwyck (later Kingston, New York). They were living in Wiltwyck (Kingston) by 07 December 1660 when they were present for the first celebration of the Lord's Supper by Dominie Blom.

    "Leaves of a Stunted Shrub" vol. 1, p. 15. <> 12 May 2015.

We know his children prospered. But, there is no further information on Bastiaen.

DE VERGULDE OTTER (The Gilded Otter):
Sailed 26 April 1660 after 1 April 1660. Arrived New Amsterdam before 25 Aug. 1660. Captain Cornelis Reyersz Van Der Beets.
Bastiaen Elissen farmer from Kulenborgh, wife and 5 children, 17, 14, 11, 7 yrs and a nursing child.


    1. Metje Bastiaens b. c. 1642 Werckhoven, Dutch Republic

    2. Annetje Bastiaens

Marriage Records of New Amsterdam/New York:
1668 29 Jan; Jan Hendrickszen, jm van Amersfoort, op Mispat;
Annetje Bastiaens, jd van Werckhoven

Reformed Dutch Church, New York  NY: 4/9/1679

Parents Child Sponsors
Jan Hendrickszen,
Annetie Bastiaens
Jannetje Joost Van Oblinus
Mayken Cammut

    3. Hendrick Bastiaenszen

Marriage Records of New Amsterdam/New York:
1673 02 Jul; Hendrick Bastiaenszen, jm van Cuylenburg;
Marritje Hendricks, jd van Brevoort, in't Sticht van Uytrecht, op Stuyvesants bouwereye

Reformed Dutch Church, New York  NY: 1/28/1680

Parents Child Sponsors
Hendrick Bastiaenszen
Marritie Hendricks
Jan Gerrit Bastiaenszen
Jannetie Jans
Marriage Records of New Amsterdam/New York:
1684 06 Feb; Jacob Corneliszen, wid Aeltie Fredrix, woonende de groote Kill;
Marritje Handricx, wid Hendricks Bastiaenszen, woonende de op 't Versche water

    4. Maryken Bastiaens

Marriage Records of New Amsterdam/New York:
1684 12 Jun; Jan Willemszen Romen, jm van Werckendam;
Maryken Bastiens, jd van Cuylenburg, d' Eerste woonende alhier en twede op Bouwerye

    5. Gerrit Bastianeszen

Marriage Records of New Amsterdam/New York:
1685 25 Nov; Gerrit Bastiaenszen, jm van Cuylenburg;
Tryntie Thys, jd van N. Albanien, beyde wonende op Stuyvesants Bouwerye

Reformed Dutch Church, New York  NY: 5/29/1686

Parents Child Sponsors
Gerrit Bastiaenszen
Tryntie Thys
Bastiaen Cornelis Janszen
Marritje Jacobs

Generation #2


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