Descendants of Hans David Bielman of
the Duchy of Wurttemburg


Generation #1

Hans David Bielman of the Duchy of Wurttemburg

Hans David Bielman, the progenitor of the Billman/Bielman Family in America, was born 8/1703 in Biberach, Duchy of Wurttemburg. On 11/23/1734 in Biberach, Duchy of Wurttemburg, Hans married Anna Maria Bentz b. 2/1803 Duchy of Wurttemburg.

Located between the Upper Rhine and Danube rivers and extending south to Switzerland, the Duchy of Wurttemburg was devastated by wars between Catholic France and Protestant German states, overpopulation, heavy taxation, and exceptionally harsh winters between 1708 and 1719. Conditions were rife for ex-migration. [Palatinate Immigration]

Hans David and family emigrated from Rotterdam to the William Penn Colony, arriving on the Princess Augusta on 9/16/1736. [Account of the Voyage] In 1738 they obtained warrants for 200 acres of land in Bucks (now Lehigh) Co PA. These were not grants, but authorization to settle; as payment for the land would be demanded sometime in the future. Evidently, the family was successful, adding an additional 150 acres in 1744.

Hans David and company were pioneers of the region which would become known as Allemangle. Located about fifty miles northwest of Philadelphia, Allemangle was the ethnic German community situated on the border of northeast Berks county and northwest Bucks/ Northampton/ Lehigh county (vic. Kempton PA). This region was completely undeveloped, lacking roads or other instruments of commerce. These pioneers newly arrived from Europe had to fend for themselves.

To get there, they had to cross a barren, swampy wasteland of scrub oaks called Long Swamp, then through the Rittenhouse Gap in the South Mountain, northward to the Schochary Hills. They traveled the tops of the ridges because the valleys were full of vines, mosquitoes, and swamp fever. Arriving at their warrant, they set up a camp-site, usually a small lean-to, at a spring near the protected land of a low valley. Sometimes the wagon was the only shelter for the first several months until a cabin could be constructed.

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Hans David and family lived their lives in peril of Indians. Reportedly on 3/6/1756, Anna and two of their sons were killed in an Indian attack. One son, Johann b. c. 1746 who was killed in the attack is known. Another son may have been a younger brother who is unknown to date.

In 1756 in Berks Co PA, Hans David married Elizabeth Stumpfund b. c. 1710. Hans David Bielman died in 1768 in Northampton (now Lehigh) Co PA.

BILMAN, Hans David
BIELMAN, David...........................31
Princess Augustus, Samuel Merchant, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 16, 1736.
On Maiden Creek, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co (then Northampton Co).
1738 Land warrant for 200 acres
On Maiden Creek, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co (then Northampton Co).
1744 Land Warrant for 150 acres.


    1. Elizabeth Katharina Bielman

    2. Anna Margaretha Bielman

    3. Hans Dewald Bielman

Note: His actual name was Hans Theobald Bielman, and he is not a descendant as proven by DNA.

    4. Conrad B. Bielman b. 6/16/1740  Bucks Co PA

    5. Jacob Bielman

Northampton Co PA Wills:
BILLMAN, Jacob Lynn twn 16/1/1779
wife EVE and issue all minors, brother-in-law Henry RUPRECHT,
ex. wife EVE and Philip SITLER
wit. Ph. SUTLER and Mathias BROBST

    6. Maria Elizabeth Bielman

    7. Johann Bielman

Generation #2


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