Descendants of Hans David Bielman of
the Duchy of Wurttemburg


Generation #2

Conrad B. (1Hans David) Bielman of Pennsylvania

Conrad B. Bielman was born 6/16/1740 in Bucks (now Lehigh) Co PA. Note, Conrad is the first Bielman who regularly used the Americanized spelling Billman.

As previously stated for father Hans David, the Billman family were pioneers to the Pennsylvania frontier of Allemangle on the south shoulder of the Blue Mountains where the family lived in danger of Indian attack and animal predation.

Research Note: Allemangle was the ethnic German community situated on the border of northeast Berks county and northwest Bucks/ Northampton/ Lehigh county (vic. Kempton PA). And, records for residents of Allemangle can be found in either county depending on which township they lived in: Lynn and Weisenberg TWP in Lehigh and Albany TWP in Berks.

In 1759 in Northampton (now Lehigh) Co PA, Conrad married Johanna Catharina Grimm b. 12/12/1739 Bucks Co PA. Conrad and Catherine are cited as the progenitors of all of the Billmans who migrated to the State of Ohio.

On 9/29/1795 Conrad purchased a farm in Toboyne Township, Cumberland (now Perry) Co PA. This marks the family's migration west of the Susquehanna River. And, compared to other migrations, this would have been a relatively easy stroll down the southern shoulder of Blue Mountain to Harris Ferry then across the river.

Conrad and Catherine lived the remainder of their lives on the farm in the vicinity of New Germantown PA. Conrad died 3/10/1798 in Cumberland (now Perry) Co PA and is believed to be buried on the family farm.

Anna Catherina Bensinger was christened at Allemangel 17 Nov 1767.
Conrad BEILMAN and his wife, Catherine were sponsors.
Males Born
# Billman Females # Billman
18+   2 Conrad
Conrad, Jr.


4 Catherine
Susannah Seiberling
17- 1778 4 John Henry
On Sept. 29, 1795, Conrad Billman, Sr., of Lynn township, Northampton Co., bought a 430-acre plantation in Toboyne Township, Cumberland (now Perry) Co from John Byers, Sr.


    1. Jacob Billman

    2. Johannes Billman

    3. Conrad Billman, Jr.

Deed to Conrad Billman and Susannah his wife. . .three hundred acres of Land in little Buffaloe Creek. . .Beginning at a stone set up for a corner in the line of Joseph Sollinbergers land. . .containing one hundred and fifty two acres. . .Octr 12th 1796
Cumberland Co PA Record:
Deed dated 3/21/1812 from Conrad Billman, Jr. to Christian Leajure for 2 tracts of land.

    4. Maria Magdelena Billman

    5. Maria Barbara Billman

    6. Johannes Billman

Cumberland Co PA Record:
Johannes Billman purchased 300 acres for 85 pds. from heirs of Thomas Patton on 5/25/1795, land was located east of Nicholas Lempert tract near Mannsville.
Cumberland Co PA Record:
10/17/1801 Johannes Billman divided 300 a. tract with Henry Yeager. Yeager's tract was the 158 a. western portion adjoining Weary. Johannes' was the 125 a. eastern portion. Johannes obtained a patent on 11/18/1801.
On 2/1/1802 John Billman conveyed a tract to Johan Jacob Schmidt of Berks Co PA.
With the above persons, admitted by confirmation, the following ninety members communed on the 26th, it being Sunday: John Billman; Christiana Billman

    7. Anna Elizabeth Billman

    8. Christina Margaretha Billman

    9. Johann Heinrich Billman b. 10/15/1776 Northampton Co PA

    10. David Billman

David Billman purchased in Mar-1803, 116 acres, with brother Henry Billman in Somerset, Washington, Pennsylvania called "Dauphin."

    11. George Billman

1850 Perry Co PA Census: Saville Twp
DW#  FM#  Last     First     Age   S  Occup.     POB
60   60   Billman  Susanah   65    F             PA

    12. Andreas Billman

The following persons were admitted to full communion, by rite of confirmation on Sunday, 2nd of November, 1806: Sarah Billman. . .Elizabeth Billman   
1850 Coshocton Co OH Census: Perry Twp
DW#  FM#  Last     First     Age   S  Occup.     POB
158  160  Billman  Christina 61    F             PA

    13. Sarah Catherine Billman

Generation #3


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