Descendants of Jacob Blessing of
the Duchy of Wurttemburg


Generation #1

Jacob Blessing of the Duchy of Wurttemburg

Jacob Blessing was born in 1728 in the Duchy of Wurttemburg. Conditions in the lands which would become Germany forced these ethnic Germans out of their homes and on the dangerous path to America. [Palatinate Immigration].

On 9/30/1754 Jacob immigrated aboard the Richard and Mary to Philadelphia. Of note, this is the same date when young Hans George Weber immigrated, also to Philadelphia. In about 1756, probably in Berks Co PA, Jacob married Elizabeth Ritschart b. 8/24/1738 Oberhoffen, Bern, Switzerland.

On 10/14/1765 Jacob became an Naturalized British Citizen in Lancaster County. Becoming a citizen of his new country was reasonable thing to do. The location of Lancaster County could be concerning, But, Berks County was out on the frontier, and you may have had to have traveled to a specific court which was located in Lancaster County. Further proof for Jacob's residence in Berks Co PA is the 1767 Tax Roll for Cumru Twp.

By the time of the Revolutionary War, Jacob and family migrated to Shenandoah Co VA where Jacob was listed as a soldier in the Virginia Militia. In 12/1782 Jacob and family were living in Shenandoah Co VA at the time of daughter Barbara's wedding. [Blessing Migration Map]

Jacob wrote his will on 2/25/1790 in Shenandoah Co VA. He died in 1790 in Shenandoah Co VA.

Ship Richard and Mary
John Moore-Master from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Inhabitants from dukedom of Wirtemberg - 6 Roman Catholics- 230 passengers.
Jacob Blessing
Naturalization records in Lancaster County Pennsylvania dated 14 October, 1765 state that Jacob Blessing was born in Wurttemburg Germany in 1728.
Jacob Blessing   50     1       0       0      1
Blaising, Jacob Senr., Jacob, & Lewis
# White males tithable 3
# Black males over 16 0
# Black males 12 - 16 0
# Horses 11
Will Extract Shenandoah Co VA:
Jacob Blessing, yeoman and Wife, Elizabeth
Sons: Jacob; Lewis; John: Henry: Abraham
Daus: Elizabeth; Barbara; Magdalene; Catharine; and Christina.
Exors: Sons, Jacob and Lewis.
Wit: Sebation Stigeler, George Weaver, Sen and John Stigeler.
Dated: 25 Feb 1790 and Proved: 5 April 1790.


    1. Jacob Blessing

    2. Elizabeth Blessing b. c. 1758 Berks Co PA

    3. John Blessing

    4. Mary Magdalena Blessing

    5. Barbara Blessing b. c. 1764 Berks Co PA

    6. Lewis Blessing

    7. Henry Blessing b. c. 1766 Berks Co PA

    8. Catharine Blessing b. c. 1767 Berks Co PA

    9. Abraham Blessing

    10. Christina Blessing b. c. 1770 Berks Co PA

Generation #2


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