Descendants of Jan Jansen Van Breestede
of New Amsterdam

Van Breestede

Generation #2

Elsje Janse (1Jan Jansen) Van Breestede of New Amsterdam

Elsje Janse Van Breestede was born in about 1623 in Breestede, Duchy of Schleswig, the then Danish territory. And before 1626, Elsje immigrated to New Amsterdam in the company of her family.

On 5/17/1643 in Manhattan, New Amsterdam, Elsje Janse married Adriaen Pieterse van Alcmaer b. c. 1618 in the Dutch Republic. Adriaen immigrated to New Amsterdam on 3/4/1637 aboard the Rensselaerswyck. Ariaaen and Elsje settled in Manhattan, raising three children. But, Adriaen died by 1653 in Manhattan, New Amsterdam.

In 1653 at Fort Orange (Albany Dist.) NY, Elsje Janse van Breestede married Hendrick Joachemsen Schoonmaker b. 11/29/1624 in Hamburg, Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. By 1659 Hendrick and Elsje settled at Esopus Wiltwyck (now Kingston, Ulster Co NY) where Hendrick was a member of the Burgher Guard. Hendrick and Elsje lived their lives at Esopus, raising at least six children. And, Hendrick died in 1682.

On 9/26/1684 Elsje married Cornelius Bartensen Slecht (father of daughter-in-law, Petronella Slecht) b. c. 1625 in the Dutch Republic. By this time, Elsje was sixty years-old. Elsje was last documented on 6/3/1794 at a baptism in Wiltwyck, New York. She died sometime thereafter.

Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam
1643 17 May; Adriaen Pieterszen, van Alcmaer, wid van Grietje Pieters;
Elsje Jans, van Breestede

Reformed Dutch Church, Wiltwyck NA: 2/12/1662

Parents Child Sponsors
Tierck Claesse de With
Barber Andriesse
Jannetjen b. Jan Jansen, Jannetje Sebyns, 
Elsje Jans

Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston NY: 11/17/1678

Parents Child Sponsors
Jacob Rutse
Marytie Hansen
Sara Cornelis Hogheboom, Sara Hansen
Elsje Jans

Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston NY: 11/4/1683

Parents Child Sponsors
Nicolaus Rosevelt
Hilletie Janz Kunst
Jannetje Elsje Jans
Heyman Roosa
Ulster Co NY Probate Book VI Part A, p. 26:

Cornelis Barentsen Sleght widow of the deceased, Trynntie Tysen Bos, bridegroom and Elsie Jans, widow of Hendrick Jochemsen, bride, on Sep. 26, 1684, agree to the following marriage contract: (usual beginning then) the bridegroom donates to the bride as a dowry 200 scr. wheat. Signed by Cornelis Barentse Slecht, and Elsie Jans (her mark); witnessed by Jan Eltinge and. . .

[Settlement of the pre-marriage estate of Elsje Janse van Breestede]
Elsje Jans, having the greatest affection for her children, gives all her possessions to Jochem, Eghbert, Hendrick, Engeltie, Hendris and Pieter Adriaens.
Engeltie Hendris, wife of Nicholas Anthony, is to inherit her share, that is her grandmother's small closet, a pewter saucers, and a cow.
Dated Oct. 8, 1684, and witnessed by Yan Stol and Jan van Vleidt (his mark).

Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1684 26 Sep; Cornelis Barentz Slegt, wid Tryntie Bos, of Woerden, Holland;
Elsie Jans, wid Hendric Jochemz, of Breestee, both liv Kingston . (b)

Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston NY: 6/3/1694

Parents Child Sponsors
Jochum Schoonmaker
Anna Hossy
Jan Hendrik Schoonmaker
Elsje Jans

    Children with Ariaaen Pieterse Vanalcmaer

    1. Jannetje Adriaens

    2. Syntje Adriaens

    3. Pieter Adriaens

Ulster Co NY Probate Book VI Part A, p. 56:
Hendrick Jochemsen and Elsje Jochems, his wife. . .March 4, 1682:.
The wife's children by a former marriage: Jochem Hendris, Eghbert Hendris, Engletie Hendris, Henrick Hendris, and Peter Andriaensen.

    Children with Hendrick Joachemsen Schoonmaker

    4. Joachem Hendrixse Schoonmaker b. c. 1658 Ft. Orange (Albany) New Amsterdam

    5. Egbert Hendrixse Schoonmaker b. c. 1660 Ft. Orange (Albany) New Amsterdam

    6. Engletje Hendricksz Schoonmaker ch. 3/18/1663 Wiltwyck (Kingston) New Amsterdam

    7. Hendrick Hendrickixse Schoonmaker (Twin) ch. 5/17/1665 Wiltwyck (Kingston) New York

    8. Volckerte Schoonmaker (Twin) ch. 5/17/1665 Wiltwyck (Kingston) New York

    9. Hillitje Schoonmaker ch. 10/20/1669 Wiltwyck (Kingston) New York


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