Descendants of Jan Broersen Decker
of New Amsterdam


Generation #2

Gretje Janz (1Jan Broersen) Decker

Gretje Janz Decker was christened 8/31/1664 in Esopus, Dutch America.

On 1/20/1685 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Kingston, Ulster Co NY, Gretje married Gerrit Janse Decker ch. 2/14/1665 Kingston, Ulster Co NY.

Gerrit and Gretje lived their lives in the little valley at Mombaccus, raising at least five children. Gerrit is documented in 9/1689 when he swore allegiance to the British Crown.

Gretje is last documented on 5/15/1698 and the christening for daughter Ariaantje.

Reformed Dutch Church, Esopus (now Kingston NY): 8/31/1664

Parents Child Sponsors
Jan Broersen
Heyltjen Jacobs
Gretje Willem Jansen Schut
Grietjen Jans
Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1685 20 Jan; Gerard Janz Decker, jm, of Esopus, liv Mombaccus; Margriet [Gretje] Janz Decker, jd, from the Esopus, liv Marbletown. (b)


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