Descendants of Jan Broersen Decker
of New Amsterdam


Generation #1

Jan Broersen Decker of New Amsterdam

Jan Broesrsen Decker was born in about 1628 in Husun, Duchy of Schleswig. Reportedly, Jan immigrated to New Amsterdam in 1644 aboard de Bleuwe Hean from the West Indies. 

On 5/15/1658 Jan Broersen is first documented at Esopus (now Kingston NY) where he signed a complaint made by Thomas Chambers about the sale of brandy to the Indians. And, this story is consistent with the beginning of the First Esopus War.

Research Note: Esopus is a creek on the west bank of the Hudson River. The settlement of Esopus grew up along the creek, south of its confluence with the Hudson, where a narrow ridge of the Marlboro Mountains separates the Esopus from the larger Rondout Kill.

Also located on Esopus Creek, Wiltwyck was the stockade erected in 1658/59 around a small square of buildings at the original settlement of Esopus. The stockade was necessitated by increased tensions with the local Esopus Indians. And, settlers outside the stockade were coerced to move inside its walls for safety. On 6/7/1663. the Esopus Indians stealthfully infiltrated the stockade before attacking the inhabitants. [Battle of Wiltwyck]

In 1664 the Dutch colonies in North America were captured by a fleet sent by the Duke of York and were renamed New York. By 1667, Esopus/ Wiltwyck came under English administrative control. But, this was not very popular with the folks at Esopus. And, the English renamed the settlement Kingston.

In about 1662, Jan married Heiltje Jacobs b. c. 1635 in the Dutch Republic. But after 1664 when England captured the Dutch colonies in America, with English rule, life in Esopus changed.

Jan and Heiltje lived their lives in Wiltwyck (now Kingston), Ulster Co NY, raising at least four children. But, Heiltje died 1/9/1678.

The next year, 1679, Jan married Willemtje Jacobs b. c. 1640 in the Dutch Republic. Willemtje was Heiltje's little sister and widow of Jan Cornelius of Goteburg, Sweden. From the marriage record, we learn that Jan had relocated south to Marbletown prior to this marriage.

Jan and Willemtje lived together for about thirty years at Marbletown. Jan Broersen died c. 1710 in Marbletown, Ulster Co NY.

5/15/1658 Jan Broersen signed a complaint made by Thomas Chambers about the sale of brandy to the Indians.
May 31, 1658 Jan Broersen signs the compact to remove into the stockade when built.
August 17, I659 Jan Broersen signs the petition that Domine Blom be sent as minister to the Esopus; 
9/1659 Jan Broersen joined with other citizens of Esopus in a letter to Stuyvesant concerning the outrages by the savages in the First Esopus War.
1668 11 May; Jan Cornelissen, of Gottenborgh, Sweden, jm;
Willemtie Jacobs, wid Albert Gerritsen.

1679 24 Dec; Jan Broersse Decker, wid Heiltie Jacobs, liv Marbletown;
Willemtie Jacobs, wid Jan Cornelisse, of Gottenburgh, liv Kingston.


    1.  Gerrit Janse Decker

Reformed Dutch Church, Esopus (now Kingston NY): 2/26/1662

Parents Child Sponsors
Jan Broersen
Heyltje Jacobs
Gaerleff Willempje Jacobs, Hendrick Aartsen,
Andries Harmensen, gunner, Angeniet Caspers
Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1684 02 Apr; Gerrit Janse Deckers, jm, born Kingston;
Magdalena Willemz Schut, jd, born New Albany both liv Marbletown. (b)

    2. Grietje Janz Decker ch. 8/31/1664 Esopus, Dutch America

    3. Maddelen Decker

Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co NY: 10/3/1666

Parents Child Sponsors
Jan Broersen
Heyltjen Jacobs
Maddelen Aeltjen Claes
Ariaen Appels
Mariken Appels

    4. Cornelius Jansen Decker

    5. Frietje Decker

Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co NY: 6/18/1671

Parents Child Sponsors
Jan Broersen
Heyltje Jacobs
Fietje Hilletie Hendrick
Hendrick Alberts

Generation #2


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