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Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #2

Henry (1John) Carrier

Henry Carrier was born 7/13/1730 in England. Unfortunately, nothing is known of Henry's life before his immigration to America. Sometime before 2/1755, Henry immigrated to Virginia in the company of his family. 

The first documentation for Henry is his service as a sergeant with the Virginia Militia in the French and Indian War. On 10/21/1755 Henry volunteered for the militia. He probably fought with General Braddock and George Washington on Braddock's Road to Ft. Pitt (later part of the National Road). The next documentation for Henry is almost twenty years later and his service during the Revolutionary War. The next documentation for Henry is his listing in a 1779 land transaction in Hampshire Co VA.

On 5/15/1781 in Shenandoah Co VA, Henry married Mary Nicholas b. c. 1761 in Virginia. Henry and Mary lived their lives near Powell's Fort. But, Mary died sometime before 1803.

On 1/29/1803 in Shenandoah Co VA, Henry married Ruth Barbara Walters b. aft. 1766. Nothing more is known of Henry and Ruth's life together. Henry died 12/1810 in Shenandoah Co VA

Virginia in the Revolution and War of 1812, Virginia Colonial Soldiers, French and Indian War, 1754-1763:
-Pay roll of Capt. Thomas Cocke's company, March 1756. Henry Carrye.
-Roll of Capt. Joshua Lewis's company, 13 July 1756. Henry Carrier, 21 Oct. 1755, Winchester, 25, 5'7", laborer, England.
-Pay roll of Capt. Joshua Lewis's company, August 1756. Henry Carrier, Sgt.
-Necessary roll of the 7th Company of the Virginia Regiment command by Capt. Joshua Lewis, July 1757. Henry Carrier.
-Necessaries belonging to the 7th Company, Virginia Regiment, commanded by Capt. Joshua Lewis, Oct. 1757. Henry Carrier.
Revolutionary War Records, Virginia
A list of men living in the lower district Dunmoore County under the command of Capt. Joseph Bowman:
John Morrell, Clerk; Jonathan Morrell, Corporal;  Samuel Odell, Corporal; Carier, Henry; Carier, John; Carier, Jonathan

List of the Colonial Soldiers of Virginia, Surnames, Pg. 27:
Carrier, Henry, L. to Wash., 1, 300; Va. Mag., 1, 390; Va. Mag. 2, 41; Wash. Mss., 112, 85.1, 96.
Carrier, Thomas, Va. Mag., 1, 390; Va. Mag., 2, 42; Wash. Mss., 112, 85.1, 96.

Virginia Colonial Soldiers, Bounty Land Warrants Pg. 269
Warrant for 50 acres issued to Abraham Hite, assignee of Henry Carrier, assignee of William White who was a soldier in the Virginia troops under Gen. Braddock on the expedition to Fort DuQuesne in 1755. Proved on the oaths of Henry Steel and Patrick Finlay. 10 Aug. 1779 Hampshire Co.
Males  Born
# Carrier  Females Born
# Carrier
45+   1 Henry 45+   0
25-44 1765 0 25-44 1765 1 Ruth Barbara
16-25 1785 0 16-25 1785 0
10-15 1795 1 Henry 10-15 1795 0
to-10 1800 2 John
to-10 1800 1 Unknown
The Estate of Henry Carrier Dec'd. in amount with David McInturff the Administrator. 1811.
Jan. 10, To cash paid Jarvis Doughuty balance of Amt. & Interest $49.95
Apr. 7, To cash paid George Koontz bond in full 6 8.42
17, To cash paid ----- Myers security for due 6.63
Feby. 7, To cash paid Jacob Keller 1.00
Sept. 28, To cash paid for Brandy for sale 1.50
Feby. 24, To cash paid Adam Licklider appraisor .50
Apr. 6, To cash paid Benlamin Woodrow for Coffin 1.50
To cash paid for Taxes 4.08
May To cash paid Commissioner for settling this Acct. 2.00
Jan. 30, To cash paid Daniel Munch writing up sale . 58
May To cash paid Henry Ridenour an Appraisor .50
To this sum to be paid for wording this settlement .87
To this sum for writing this amount .50
To this sum for Commision allowed the Admr. for Com. on $6.76 at per Amt. 9.33


    1. Solomon Carrier

    2. Sarah Carrier

    3. Richard Carrier

    4. Catherine Carrier

    5. Abby Carrier

    6. Elizabeth Carrier

    7. Nancy Carrier b. 4/4/1793 Shenandoah Co VA

    8. John Carrier

    9. William Carrier

    10. Henry Carrier

Henry Carrier; white; male; January 27, 1859; Beaver Creek; consumption; 57-x-x; Henry & Mary Carrier; Powells Fort, Shenandoah Co.; farmer; Delila Carrier; Delila Carrier; wife

Generation #3


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