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Generation #1

John Carrier of England

John Carrier was born in about 1705 in England. Circumstantial evidence leads to the belief that this family was one of the many Carrier families from Bruton Parish, Somerset in the southwest of England.

On 8/29/1724 in Somerset, England, John married Elizabeth White b. c. 1706 in England with whom he had at least three children. Little is known of John's life before his migration to America.

Bruton Parish Records, Somerset, England:
1724 Aug. 29. John Carrier & Elizabeth White

Sometime before 2/1755, the Carrier family and others immigrated to Virginia, settling in the southern portion of Frederick (now Shenandoah) County. The first records for the family are enlistment records where sons Henry and Thomas served with the Virginia Militia during the French and Indian War. [Pioneer Road]

In about 1756 in Virginia, John married Jemima Nicholas b. c. 1736 in England. Circumstantial evidence leads to the belief that Jemima may be the sister of Richard Nicholas; as the Carrier and Nicholas families reportedly immigrated as a family unit to Virginia.

In 1759 John purchased 300 acres at Powell's Fort (east of Woodstock, Shenandoah Co VA). Tile to the land was released 8/7/1763. In 1766 John is listed in the deed for a neighbor's land purchase.

John died in 11/1773 in Dunmore (now Shenandoah) Co VA. And, the list of articles from his estate leads to the belief that he was educated and moderately well off.

Frederick Co VA Deed Bk 8, pp 500-504:
1759 John Carrier settled Powell's Fort, paid 200 pounds for 300 acres.
Aug 7, 1763 land released to W. John Carrier.

James Wood surveyed a 6,460-acre tract located in Powell's Fort on Passage Creek on 22 September 1735. This large tract was a part of the larger 100,000-acre patent from the Governor and Council of the Colony of Virginia issued to Jost Hite, Robert McKay, William Duff and Robert Green. . .A partial list of land owners on this tract by 1780: . . .John Parkeston (formerly owned by John Carrier), George Weaver. . . .

N-184: Francis McFall of Frederick Co. 240 A. in Powell's Fort in said Co. Surv. Thomas Rutherford. Adj. William Wood, Passage Cr., JOHN CARRIER. 6 Sept. 1766
Inventory of estate 1773 showed he was a farmer and raised livestock.
John Carrier will settled Aug 30, 1777. Amount of estate 21 pounds 12 shillings 11 pence; Wife share 7 pounds 4 shilling 2 3/4 pense; each child's share of the remaining 14 pounds was 1 lb. confirming 14 children shared in estate
1775 Jemima Carrier head of house w/ 1 male under 16 (Solomon)

    Children with Elizabeth White

    1. John Carrier, Jr.

Dec. 20, 1774; Between John Carryer & Mary, to John Woolard for the sum of 60 Lb. a tract of land in Powels Fort, bounded by Conrad Tebo, on the south side of Passage Creek, containing 188 acres, part of a tract of 300 acres, granted to George Weavour April 24, 1743, the said George Weavour being so possesed with the sd. land conveyed to John Carryer Sr. by his deed in the year 1759, John Carryer being so possessed with the land died in the year 1773 & his son John being heir at law conveys a part to John Wollard.
James Miller - Jacob in German John / Carryer Francis McFall Mary M Carryer

    2. Henry Carrier b. 7/13/1730 in England

    3. Thomas Carrier

Virginia in the Revolution and War of 1812, Virginia Colonial Soldiers, French and Indian War, 1754-1763:
-Pay roll of recruits enlisted by Capt. Joshua Lewis. Thomas Carrier, old soldier, 61 days. payroll accountings of Dec., 1755.
-Pay roll of Capt. Joshua Lewis's company, Jan. 1756. Thomas Carrier.
-Roll of Capt. Joshua Lewis's company, 13 July 1756. Thomas Carrier, 25 Feb. 1755, Winchester, 23, 5'7", seaman, England, fair complexion.
-Pay roll of Capt. Joshua Lewis's company, July 1756. Thomas Carrier, Corp.
-Thomas Carrier, Col. Stephens, 22, 5'5", planter, England, Frederick, blinked eyes, light hair.
-Necessary roll of the 7th Company of the Virginia Regiment command by Capt. Joshua Lewis, July 1757. Thomas Carrier
-Necessaries belonging to the 7th Company, Virginia Regiment, commanded by Capt. Joshua Lewis, Oct. 1757. Thomas Carrier, Corp.
List of the Colonial Soldiers of Virginia, Surnames, Pg. 27:
Carrier, Henry, L. to Wash., 1, 300; Va. Mag., 1, 390; Va. Mag. 2, 41; Wash. Mss., 112, 85.1, 96.
Carrier, Thomas, Va. Mag., 1, 390; Va. Mag., 2, 42; Wash. Mss., 112, 85.1, 96.

    Children with Jemima Nicholas

    4. Jemima Carrier

Note: Jemima married 1st cousin Richard Nicholas.

At the time of W. John Carrier's death in 1773, Solomon and Jemima were bound out to John North
6/20/1786 Richard NICHOLS in right of his wife, under John CARRIER, decd, Johnathan CARRIER, heir.
Shenandoah Co Will Book D, p. 140:
Dated: 25 April 1792. Proved: 28 June 1792.
RICHARD NICHOLAS, Shenandoah County.
Wife: Jamime. Children: Daniel; John; Nancy; Moley; Abigale; Richard; and Thomas.
Exor: Son-in-law, David Markenturfh (McInturf)
Wit: John Newman, John Woolen and Job Combs

    5. Martha Carrier

Note, Martha reportedly had daughter Jemima out of wedlock. No indication of marriage.

At the time of W. John Carrier's death in 1773, Martha was bound out to Jonathan Pugh.

    6. Jonathan Carrier

6/20/1786 Richard NICHOLS in right of his wife, under John CARRIER, decd, Johnathan CARRIER, heir.
Sullivan Co TN Deed Book 6, p. 115:
02 Oct 1810, Jonathan COMBS was a witness of 100 Acres from Stephen WALLING to Jonathan CARRIER along with Thomas GLOVER and John DELOCK.

    7. Solomon Carrier

At the time of W. John Carrier's death in 1773, Solomon and Jemima were bound out to John North.

    8. Susannah Carrier

At the time of W. John Carrier's death in 1773, Susanna was bound out to Henry Huddell.

Generation #2


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