Descendants of Jacob Chrisman of
the Lower Palatinate, Germany

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C.)

Generation #2

Jacob (1Jacob) Chrisman II

Jacob Chrisman II was born 1729 probably in Chester Co PA. In 1732 Jacob migrated with his parents and his grandfather, Jost Hite, to what would become Frederick Co VA. [Hite Migration Map]

In 1753 in Frederick Co VA, Jacob married Madalin McDonald b. 1731 Philadelphia Co PA  And, Jacob and Madalin migrated to what would become Hardy Co (W) VA before the birth of their daughter, Mary.

Jacob and Madalin lived the remainder of their lives at Lost River, raising a family of nine children. Madalin died 2/4/1809, and Jacob died shortly thereafter on 4/28/1809. Both are buried in the Chrisman Cemetery, Lost River, Hardy Co (W) VA.

Hampshire Co (W) VA Land Patents:
425 acres of land on Lost River of Cacapon, patented to Jacob Chrisman, Jr., by Lord Fairfax, September 15, 1753.
10/28/1790 Hardy & Hampshire Co VA Religious Petition:
"All People that is for the Sale of the Gleeb are Desired to set their names down for ______ to be seal'd to ___tion:
Chrisman, Jacob
# White males tithable   1  
# Black males over 16   0
# Black males 12 - 16   0
# Horses   6
Jacob Chrisman's will named his wife Magdalena; sons, Isaac and Jacob; daughters unnamed; son-in-law, Thomas Little. Isaac Chrisman and Lionel Branson were named as executors. Witnessed included Claypoole, Church, Wilkins, Jacob Miller, and Jacob Holleman. Probated May 10, 1809.
In memory of Jacob and Magdaleen CHRISMAN who departed this life in the year 1809, the former the 28th of April in the 80th year of his age, the latter the 4th of February in the 78th year of her age.


    1. Magdelena Chrisman

    2. Sarah Chrisman 

    3. Mary "Mollie" Chrisman

    4. Rebecca Chrisman

    5. Elizabeth Chrisman b. 5/24/1762 Hampshire (now Hardy) Co (W) VA

    6. Abraham Chrisman

    7. Anna Chrisman

    8. Jacob Chrisman III

    9.Isaac Chrisman

Will of John Claypool of Hardy County, 1814:
I, John Claypool of Hardy County and State of Virginia, hereby my Last Will and Testament. . .all my sons and daughters, to-wit: Leah Crisman. . .son-in-law Isaac Chrisman, Executor.
Note: John Claypool had to modify his will, naming a new Executor after the death of Isaac Chrisman.

10/2/1819 Hardy Co (W) VA Probate Record
Codicil: I, John Claypool do make this Codicil. . .appoint my friends Geo. Claypool and Jacob Miller, Executors. . .in addition to those therein constituted and appointed. . .this 2nd day of October in the year of our Lord, One Thousand- Eight Hundred and Nineteen.
John Claypool

Signed, sealed and delivered by the said John Claypool as a part of his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us: Anthony Miller, Wm McDonald, Eben Chilcott.

Leah NAVE, born March 21st, 1780 died Dec. 1, 1852
aged 72 years 8 months 10 days
Isaac CHRISMAN, born March 21, 1775 died March 15, 1819
aged 43 years, 11 months, & 22 days

Generation #3


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