Descendants of Johan Andreas Frey
of the Duchy of Wurttemburg


Generation #1

Johann Andreas Frey

Johann Andreas Frey was born about 1698 in Bad Rappenau, Duchy of Wurttemburg. On 2/3/1722 in Bischofsheim, the Duchy of Wurttemburg. Johan married Catharina Barbara Ritter b. 1703 in Pfalz, Lower Palatine (Germany).

Conditions in the lands which would become Germany forced these ethnic Germans out of their homes and on the dangerous path to America. Johana Andreas and his purported brother, Hans Peter, and both of their families immigrated to Philadelphia PA aboard the ship Samuel, arriving on 8/17/1733. [Palatinate Immigration]

The Frey Family settled sometime before 4/1734 and the birth of daughter, Maria Margaretha, in Richmond Twp in Philadelphia (now Berks) Co PA. The Frey family is associated with other ethnic German families who lived in Allemangle, the ethnic German enclave to their north.

Research Note: Allemangle was the ethnic German community situated on the border of northeast Berks county and northwest Bucks/ Northampton/ Lehigh county (vic. Kempton PA). And, records for residents of Allemangle can be found in either county depending on which township they lived in: Lynn and Weisenberg TWP in Lehigh and Albany TWP in Berks.

The last record of Johann Andreas is from 1740 across the county line in Bucks (now Lehigh) Co PA where he reportedly became a British citizen. Johan died 1750 in Richmond Twp, Philadelphia (now Berks) Co PA. And, Catherine died sometime later.

Manifest for the ship Samuel of London, List 29A
Hugh Percy, Master, from Rotterdam
Qualified Aug. 17, 1733 to Philadelphia PA:
Meliker Frey, 32 (?)
Men Andrews Fry, 35 Hans Peter Fry, 44
Women Cathrina Barbara Fry, 30
Appellonia Fry, 58
Maria Salma Fry, 14
Barbella Fry, 37
Maria Grete, 17
Children Elizabeth Fry, 9
Christopher Fry, 8
Mettelina Fry, 3
Valentine Fry, 12
Eve Fry, 10
Anna Maria Fry, 8
Hans Peter Fry, 4
Christian Fry, 2
Lutheran Church, Richmond Township, Berks County Pennsylvania:
"Dom 7 Trin 1750" Johan Georg Grimm was baptized at 26 weeks old. The child's sponsors were his grandparents, Andreas and Catharina Barbara Frey.


    1. Maria Salome Frey

    2. Maria Elizabeth Frey b. 1723 Bischofsheim, Duchy of Wurttemburg

    3. Johann Christopher Frey

    4. Maria Catharina (Mettelina?) Frey

Marriage Record of Zion Lutheran Church, Richmond Township, Berks County, Pa. 1744-1758:
28 June 1757. Heinrich Ertle, s.s. Heinrich Ertle married Catherian Freyin, s.d. Andreas Frey.

    5. Maria Eva Frey

Marriage Record of Zion Lutheran Church, Richmond Township, Berks County, Pa. 1744-1758:
3 Martz 1756. Joh. Michel Kelchner, (m. Schmacher) s.s. of Mathaus Kelchner married Maria Eva, s.d. of Andreas Frey

    6. Maria Magdalena Frey

Rosina [Bensinger] was born 23 Jun 1763 in Lynn Township, now Lehigh County, christened on 4 Jul 1763. Elizabeth GRIMM was sponsor, she was the widow of Conrad GRIMM who was buried that day. . . .

    7. Maria Margaretha Frey

Marriage Record of Zion Lutheran Church, Richmond Township, Berks County, Pa. 1744-1758:
2 May 1758 Nicolaus Merkle, s.s. Nicolaus Markle married Maria Margretha Freyin, s.d. Andreas Frey, (m. Wagner).
St. Mary's Lutheran Church., Silver Run, MD:
Nicholas & M. Margaretha Merkel were Sponsors at Bapt. of: Anna Maria Möhring.

    8. Johann Adam Frey

    9. Johann Nicholas Frey b. c. 1745 Richmond Twp, Philadelphia (now Berks) Co PA

Note: This is not the Nicholas Frey who migrated to Tryon Co NC. That Nicholas was 20 years older.

    10. Johann Mattheus Frey b. 7/10/1747 Richmond Twp, Philadelphia (now Berks) Co PA

Generation #2


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