Descendants of the Heyns/Hains Family
of New York and Pennsylvania


Generation #1

William Heyns of New Amsterdam

Evolution of the Hains Surname

Studying the Dutch Patronymic naming system, we encounter the many variations of  a surname: literally, the father's name. Males added the suffix "sen" and females added the suffix "se." For example: the father was Hendrick Joachem Schoonmaker; the son was Joachem Hendrixsen Schoonmaker; and the daughter was Tryntje Jaochemse Schoonmaker. And, we find variations of both suffixes.

Researching records from the Dutch Republic and New Amsterdam, we find the Heyn surname.
-1628 Admiral Piet Heyn captured the Spanish Tierra Firma treasure fleet off Havana, Cuba.
-1649 Pieter Heyn was a resident of New Amsterdam.

Other researchers propose that Hein is also a variation of Heyns. Later, we find Heyns which appears to be the patronymic form of Heyn. And, I propose that Heyns was Americanized to Hains.

Heyns/ Horsey Family Research

Going up the family tree, there are records for a William Heyns from Kingston NY who married Lysbeth Hussey and was the father of Elysabet, Isabella and Margrith.

Researching Lysbeth's family, we learn that her sister, Antje Horsey was the second wife of Joachem Hendrixsen Schoonmaker, previously mentioned. This is the first connection to the Schoonmaker family who intermarried with the DeVoor/ Devore family who intermarried with the Hains family. And, these connections continued for over 100 years.

Current research continues to link the Heyns family of Kingston NY and Bucks Co PA and Bedford Co PA to the Schoonmaker family also of Kingston NY and Bucks Co PA; as the Schoonmaker family has records in Kingston NY contemporaneous with William Heyns.

William Heyns was born in about 1660 at Esopus, Dutch America. Even though William was born in a Dutch colony, he would have grown up under English influence; as New Amsterdam was captured by the British in 1664.

The first record for William is a baptismal record from the Dutch Reformed Church [DRC] at Kingston NY. From this and subsequent records, we learn that in about 1684 at Kingston NY William married Lysbeth Hussey ch. 11/15/1665 at Kingston NY. And from the Kingston NY DRC records, we learn that William and Lysbeth were the parents of at least four children.

Unfortunately, nothing more is know of William and Lysbeth.

Researching Manhattan NY:

1650. 29 May; Hendrick Corneliszen van Valckenburg, wid Francyntje Frans;
Marie Bouwens, van London, wid Ritzart Heyn

1661. 4 Dec; Claes Heynen, Marritie Claes; Gerrit;
Fredrick Hendrickszen, Annetie Hendricks; Child Gerrit Claesen Heyn
1663. 7 Jan; Claes Heyn, Marritie Claes; Maria Cathryn;
Otto Kimme, Claertie Ebels; Child Maria Cathryn Heyn


    1. Elysabeth Heyns

Dutch Reformed Church, Kinston NY: 4/5/1685

Parents Child Sponsors
William Heyns
Lysbeth Horsey
Elysabeth None

    2. Isabella Heyns

Dutch Reformed Church, Kinston NY: 1686

Parents Child Sponsors
William Heyns
Elisbeth Horsey
Isabella None

    3. Margrith Heyns

Dutch Reformed Church, Kinston NY: 12/25/1688

Parents Child Sponsors
William Heyns
Elisabeth Horsey
Margrith None

    4. Hendrick Heyns b. c. 1690 Kingston NY

    5. Anna Christina Heyns

Dutch Reformed Church; Kingston NY:
1716 Jun 10; Hanneman Saalbag, Anna-Christina Heynse; Philippus;
Hymen Helm, Lysebeth Saalbag 
1718 May 11; Hanneman Saalbag, Christina Heynse; Elisabeth;
Pieter Smit, Elisabeth Saalbag 
1719 Sep 20; Hanneman Zalebag, Christina Heyns; Jacob;
Willem Smit, Annetjen Marken 

    x. Hartman Heyn

Research Note: This relationship is unknown. In the 1716 timeframe, the only connection with the Swedish/ Dutch settlements of the Delaware River was by sea around New Jersey. What prompted Hartman to migrate to Kingston NY?

Hartman Heyn research for 3 generations:

Dutch Reformed Church; Kingston NY: 3/16/1717
Hartman Heyn, jm, born New Castle Co Pennsylvania;
Marytjen Tak, jd, liv Marbletown.
Dutch Reformed Church; Kingston NY: 7/15/1750
William Hein, Eva Osterhout; Hartman;
Hartman Hein & wife Mareitje Tak

        5-A. Son William Hein

Dutch Reformed Church; Kingston NY: 7/15/1750
William Hein, Eva Osterhout; Hartman;
Hartman Hein & wife Mareitje Tak

        5-A-1. Grandson Philip Hine

The Old Mine Road:
8/12/1781. Revolutionary War Battle of Wawasink, NY.
Philip Hine captured by the Indians.

Generation #2


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