Descendants of the Heyns/Hains Family
of New York and Pennsylvania


Generation #2

Hendrick (1William) Heyns of Kingston NY

Note: Researching up the family tree, we came from Joseph Heyns. But from the 12/25/1741 baptism at the Smithfield Church, we learn that Joseph was actually Joseph Hendrickson (sic) who did not necessarily use the family name Heyns. Putting the names together, we have Joseph Hendricksen Heyns. And using the patronymic form of his name, the father's Christian name should be Hendrick. Therefore, we arrive at Hendrick Heyns.

Hendrick Heyns was born in about 1690, probably in Kingston NY. For Hendrick, there is no information to date.

Going up the family tree, there are records for a William Heyns, father of Elysabeth, Isabella and Margrith from Kingston, NY. And, ongoing research focuses on William as the father for this missing generation.

Current research continues to link the Heyns family of Kingston NY and Bucks Co PA and Bedford Co PA to the Schoonmaker family also of Kingston NY and Bucks Co PA, who is interrelated with the Devore family of Dutch New Amsterdam and Sussex Co NJ and Bedford Co PA.

Schoonmaker Family Migration

  • Kingston, Ulster Co NY
  • Migrated 1732 to Bucks (now Monroe) Co PA

Devore Family Migration

  • Manhattan, NY/Bergen Co NJ
  • Migrated before 3/1723 to Ulster Co NY
  • Migrated before 9/1724 to Hunterdon (now Sussex) Co NJ
  • 1739 Morris Co split from Hunterdon Co NJ

  • 1753 Sussex Co split from Morris Co NJ

  • Migrated before 1772 to Bedford Co PA


Awaiting new information to come to the fore and considering the preponderance of circumstantial evidence, this research will cite Joseph Heyns as the father of John Hains, Esq. of Bedford Co PA.

    1. Joseph Hendricksen Heyns b. c. 1715 Kingston NY

Generation #3


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