Descendants of Joost Jansen Van Meter
of New Amsterdam

Van Meter

Generation #1

Joost Jansen Van Meter

Joost Jansen Van Meter was born 1652 in Gelderland, the Dutch Republic. On 11/14/1662, Joost Jansen arrived in New Amsterdam aboard de Vos with his family.

On 12/12/1682 in Ulster Co NY, Joost Jansen married Sarah DuBois b. 9/14/1662 Ulster Co NY. And sometime later they migrated to Salem Co NJ on the Delaware River.

Joost Jansen and Sarah lived the remainder of their lives in Salem Co NJ..

Sailed from Amsterdam after 31 August 1662;
Arrived New Amsterdam 14 Nov. 1662:
Jan Joosten, from the Thielerwaert, and wife and 5 children
Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1682 12 Dec; Joost Janz, jm, of Meteren, in Gelderland, liv Marbletown;
Sara du Bois, jd, of Kingston, liv New Paltz.

    Abbreviated List of Children

    1. John Van Meter

About the year 1725 John Van Meter, a representative of an old Knickerbocker family early seated on the Hudson, traversed the valley of the South Branch of the Potomac -- the Wap-pa-tom-i-ca of the Indians. He was an Indian trader, making his headquarters with the Delawares, on the Susquehanna. Thence he made journeys far to the southward, to trade with the Cherokees and Catawbas. It was he who first told the story of the wonderful fertility of the land in the Lower Shenandoah and South Branch Valleys.
On 8/5/1731 Jost Hite purchased 40,000 acres in the Shenandoah Valley from John Van Meter.

    2. Rebecca Van Meterin

Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1704 03 Sep; Cornelis Elten, jm, born Hurley, liv Kingstowne;
Rebecca Van Meteren, jd, born Marbletown, liv Kingstowne. (b)
Will Abstract Frederick Co MD: Cornelius Eltinge
Proved 1/1/1754. son Isaac,  and son-in-law John Hite, and son-in-law Isaac Hite.
Named land: Milbrun, Long Acre, Addition, Eltinge's Rest, Derby Island.

    5. Isaac Van Meter


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