Descendants of Jan Roelofsen Elten
of New Amsterdam


Generation #2

Cornelius (Jan Roelofsen) Elten

Cornelius Elten was christened 12/29/1681 in Ulster Co NY. On 9/3/1704 in Kingston, Ulster Co NY, Cornelius married Rebecca Van Meterin ch. 4/26/1686 Kingston, Ulster Co NY. The couple is last found in Kingston in 1715 when daughter Zara was baptised.

Sometime after 1715, Cornelis migrated to the Delaware Valley. The question is. "Did they migrate south down the Old Mine Road to Bucks Co PA, of did they migrate by sea down and around Cape May NJ to the Jersey side on the Delaware River? But, this new locale would only be a sojourn. Whichever route, the next destination was the Shenandoah and the Maryland frontier.

In the Fall of 1731, Jost Hite led an expedition of sixteen families down what would become known as the as the Great Wagon Road to the Shenandoah. Included in the party was John Van Meter, Rebecca's brother. Were Cornelis and Rebecca members of the Elten family and part of the original settlers?

Reportedly, Cornelius and Rebecca migrated in the company of John Van Meter to Frederick Co MD where Cornelius and Rebecca lived out the remainder of their lives. [Elten Migration Map]

Cornelius died in 1745 in Frederick Co MD.

Dutch Reformed Church, Wiltwyck NY: 12/29/1681

Parents Child Sponsors
Jan Elting
Jacomyntie Slegt
Cornelis Cornelis Slegt,
Jochem Hendricse,
Engeltie Hendricdr
Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston NY:
1704 03 Sep; Cornelis Elten, jm, born Hurley, liv Kingstowne;
Rebecca Van Meteren, jd, born Marbletown, liv Kingstowne. (b)
Will Abstract Frederick Co MD: Cornelius Eltinge
Proved 1/1/1754. son Isaac,  and son-in-law John Hite, and son-in-law Isaac Hite.
Named land: Milbrun, Long Acre, Addition, Eltinge's Rest, Derby Island.


    1. Jacominte Eltinje

    1. Sarah Eltinje

    2. Eleanor Eltinje


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