Descendants of Richard Dunn of North Carolina


Generation #1

Richard Dunn, Sr. (0Research) of North Carolina

Richard Dunn was born in North Carolina in about 1760. And, Richard married an unknown spouse in about 1785. In the First US Census (1790), a Richard Dun is recorded in Moore Co NC who had sufficient children to be the Richard Dunn of Franklin Co MS.

Right around 1790, there was a depopulation of Moore county. Many residents went south to Georgia and the Nathan Smith Settlement. Others migrated up through the Yadkin to the Holston in Tennessee and then down the rivers to Natchez, Spanish Mississippi.

From the Pee Dee River Valley to Cole's Creek and Curtis Landing

The pioneers to the new "Natchez Country" would leave the Pee Dee River area of SC/NC and travel about 200 miles using pack-horses to the Holston River in northeastern Tennessee. They traveled via the South Carolina State Road (North) on the Warriors Path.  They continued on the Catawba Trail to the Wilderness Road Fort near Kingsport, Tennessee. . . .

At the Wilderness Road Fort they secured/built flat boats. The flat boats were sturdy with one end enclosed for protection from the elements. The flat boat had to be designed to allow for the women, children, food, bedding and household items. They had to transport a milk cow, chickens, horses, hunting dogs and farm implements. Once aboard the flat boats they followed the Holston River to the Tennessee River which they entered near Knoxville, TN. . . .

Indian attacks were a frequent occurrence. The pioneers always had to be prepared. The women often steered the boats while the men fought the Indians. Following the Tennessee River they reached the Ohio River near Paducah, KY. . . .

At Cairo, IL the flat boats embarked on the "mercy" of the mighty Mississippi River for the rest of the journey to the "Natchez Country". . .South of Rodney one group of pioneers steered the flat boats into Boyd's Creek (now Cole's  Creek) for the 15 mile trip to Curtis Landing on the South Fork of Cole's Creek. Other pioneers continued on to Natchez or Wilkinson County steering their flat boats up St. Catherine's Creek, the Homochitto River or Buffalo River. . .These pioneers had made a trip of approximately 1400 miles by flat boat on water. . . .

Upon arrival it was necessary to fell trees and build log houses quickly. Fields needed to be cleared and cultivated. The survival for the first year was dependent on the family's ability to fish and hunt. Squirrel, deer, ducks, and wild turkey were the family's fresh meat. . .One of the pioneer families who had a British land grant in Jefferson County included James Cole who arrived October, 1772 with the paperwork finalized in 1776. Richard Curtis. . .arrived in 1780.

    Early Southwest Mississippi Territory, GenWeb Site, No date <> 8 July 2007.

The first record for Richard in Mississippi is for a "Ricardo Dun" in the 1792 Census for the Santa Catalina District of Spanish Mississippi which is now a part of Adams and Franklin counties in the State of Mississippi. If this is our Richard Dunn, the Dunn Family was part of a larger migration pattern from the Pee Dee Region of the Carolinas to the Natchez area of Mississippi:

In 1798, Spain ceded control of the Natchez colony , and the new Mississippi Territory was established. Effectively, this new territory included all lands west of the Creek Nation (now Alabama & Georgia) to the Mississippi River and from Tennessee south to Florida. The first record for Richard and family in the new territory is the 1810 Franklin Co MS Tax List. Later, Richard would be found in the 1820 Adams Co MS Census.

Richard and his wife died sometime after 1820 in Adams Co MS.

Males Born
# Dunn Females # Dunn
18+   1 Richard



Mom Dunn
17- 1778 2 Richard

Census of the inhabitants of the District of Natchez, under the dominion of Spain, in 1792.
District of Santa Catalina: Ricardo Dun. 

Males Born


Females #


21+   1 Richard   1 Mom Dunn
21- 1789 4 Richard
Robert L.
1789 1 Unknown
Males Born
# Dunn Females Born
# Dunn
45+   1 Richard 45+   1 Mom Dunn
25-44 1775 0   25-44 1775 0  
18-25 1795 2 Richard
Robert L.
18-25 1795 4 Rachel
16-18 1802 0   10-18 1805 0  
10-15 1805 3 James L
to 10 1810 0   to 10 1810 0  


Note: We are missing two daughters and one son. Names of the children are derived from early Mississippi records, especially from Adams county.

    1. Cpt. Richard Dunn b. 1786 Moore Co North Carolina

    x. David Dunn s/o 

David Dunn M 64 North Carolina
Sarah Dunn F 54 Mississippi
Emily Dunn F 18 Mississippi
Stephen Dunn M 16 Mississippi
Minor F Dunn M 13 Mississippi
Henry F Dickerson M 26 Pennsylvania


    2. Stephen Dunn

    x. Penny Dunn

Name George Ford
Event Date 02 Feb 1808
Spouse's Name Penny Dunn
Event Place Adams, Mississippi

    3. Roger Dunn


    x. Rachel Dunn

Name James Brown
Spouse's Name Rachel Dunn
Event Date 3/6/1809; 4/24/1809
Event Place Adams, Mississippi

    x. William Dunn

Wm H Dun M 51 North Carolina
Elizabeth Dun F 46 North Carolina
Oliver S Dun M 30 Georgia
Thom H Dun M 27 Alabama
Caroline M Dun F 24 Mississippi
Jane Dun F 21 Mississippi
Priscilla Dun F 17 Mississippi
Araminta Dun F 16 Mississippi
Rufus M Dun M 14 Mississippi
Wiley J Dun M 11 Mississippi
David F Deen M 9 Mississippi
Elizabeth Dun F 8 Mississippi


    x. Thomas Dunn

Thomas Dunn M 58 North Carolina
Nancy Dunn F 58 North Carolina
Isaac Dunn M 14 Mississippi


    x. David Dunn

Name David Dunn
Spouse's Name Lavinia Glassburn
Event Date 30 Jan 1834
Event Place Adams, Mississippi
David Dunn M 50 Mississippi
Sannia G Dunn F 33 Mississippi
Richard S Dunn M 15 Mississippi
Rebecca M Dunn F 13 Mississippi
Avnnaeo G Dunn M 11 Mississippi
William Dunn M 9 Mississippi
David S Dunn M 7 Mississippi
John B Dunn M 5 Mississippi
Celeste A Dunn F 2 Mississippi


    x. David Dunn s/o David

Name DUNN, David  
Spouse's Name HUGHES, Nancy
Event Date 1836 June, 01
Event Place Franklin, Mississippi


    4. Robert L. Dunn

    x. Jane Dunn

Name John Anding
Spouse's Name Jane Dunn
Event Date 21 Aug 1823
Event Place Adams, Mississippi

    x. Isiphena Dunn

Name Jesse G. W. Spiars
Spouse's Name Isiphena Dunn
Event Date 02 Oct 1829
Event Place Adams, Mississippi


    x. James L Dunn

Name James L. Dunn
Spouse's Name Mary Tucker
Event Date 06 Dec 1822
Event Place Adams, Mississippi



Generation #2


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