Woolsey Family of Greene Co TN

John and Zephaniah Woolsey

John and Zephaniah were the sons of John Woolsey, Jr. and Mary Sammis of Long Island, New York. Their individual  migration paths to Tennessee is not known; however, both arrived in Greene Co NC (now TN) in the 1780s. The two Woolsey brothers settled in Greene Co TN, John north of the Nolichucky River near Jearoldstown TN and Zephaniah south of the river on Camp Creek.

In addition to these two Woolsey brothers, a bevy of Woolsey cousins also migrated to Greene Co TN. Two of Zephaniah's children married siblings who were 2nd Cousins from another branch of the Woolsey family. Additionally, other Woolsey cousins, who were Baptist preachers, migrated from Virginia to Greene Co TN and are recorded having performed several marriages within the extended family. 

Stephen, son of Zephaniah, is connected to the Wilkinson Family through his marriage to Catherine Wilkinson, daughter of Samuel Wilkinson of County Antrim, Ireland, and his 1797 purchase of Wilkinson family lands from the heirs of Francis Wilkinson of Russell Co VA.

    1. John Woolsey III

John Woolsey lived on the north side of the Nolichucky River, near Jearoldstown TN. Evidences found in jury duty, grand jury etc.
1787 John Woolsey purchased a Land Grant #1952 for 100 acres adj Nathaniel Davis' Line, which was on Lick Creek (third district) (Greene County).

Greene Co. TN Wills (1783-1890) Pg 63-67
JOHN WOOLSEY Probated January 1819 $5000

To wife, Sarah, 15 acres land, house, tools, furniture, $30 in silver, a Bay mare, saddle and bridle and her choice of my stock of cattle. To eldest son, John, one dollar as I gave to him heretofore. My loving son, Thomas, one dollar. My daughter, Mary English, wife of Andrew English, one dollar and no more. The heirs of William Osburn and Sarah Osburn, one dollar. To son Samuel, 50 acres adjoining Andrew Dobkinses tract. A land taken in one entire body....
To Zephaniah Woolsey 50 acres of land lying at the lower end of the tract whereon Turner Smith lived on the Main Lick Creek... To Israel Woolsey the upper 50 acres in the aforesaid tract including the buildings wherein Turner Smith lived... To Mathias Woolsey 50 acres of land adjoining Simon Popes lands... To son Olapher Woolsey, 60 acres including the mansion house and barn and orchard and adjoining the 15 acres that was bequeathed to my wife Sarah Woolsey..... What balance of land remains to be divided among Samuel, Zephaniah, Israel, Olapher and Mathias Woolsey equally plus $150 each. I bequeath unto Turner and Rebecca Smith, David and Priscilla Logan all my book debts and balances of my notes that haven't heretofore been bequeathed on. It is my meaning that after my five sons and my wife is satisfyed then several shears as I have heretofore stated it is my will they have the balance of my book debts and notes at hand to be equally divided between them and their heirs.
Executors: Israel, Mathias & Olapher Woolsey 13 Jan 1819
Test: John Crawford, Johanna Dobkins, Cornelius Newman, Andrew Dobkins
signed: John Woolsey

    2. Zephaniah Woolsey

Zephaniah settled on the south side of the Nolichucky River [vic Camp Creek TN].
Will of Zephaniah Woolsey, May 9, 1801, Greene County, Tennessee:
To wife Sarah, Dwelling, peach, apple and cherry orchards; daughter Sarah Brauser, $5.00; son Stephen, 50 acres; son William, 170 acres; and son Nehemiah, 170 acres.
Executors: sons William and Nehemiah.
Test; Wm. Mott, James Huston and James Williams.
Signed by Zephaniah Woolsey.

    Some Children of Zephaniah and Sarah Woolsey

    1. Stephen Woolsey

RUSSELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEED BOOK 3 (1798 - 1806), p. 416:
November 30, 1798 between Stephen Woolsey of Green Co TN and Nathan Wilkinson, adm. William Wilkinson, Enoch Carter, Henry Grey & Thomas Wilkinson, heirs of Francis Wilkinson, decd...125 ac in the New Garden on Whitesides fork of Thompsons Creek, the waters of Clinch River...Beginning on the east side of a ridge near a spring...gap of a ridge...Signed: Nathan Wilkinson, Enoch Carter, William Wilkinson, Henry Grey, Thomas Wilkinson by his atty William Wilkinson. Witnesses: John Wear, Sr. & John Wear, Jr.

    7. William Woolsey

    10. Abigail Mackey Woolsey

1850 Federal Census: Atchison County, Missouri
HN  FN  LAST    FIRST      AGE Sex Occup. BIRTH    
201 203 Wolsey  Gilbert    64  M   Farmer Tennessee
                Abigil     63  F          Tennessee
                Mary C     24  F          Tennessee
                                Lafayette  14  M          Missouri
                Susan      11  F          Missouri
                Granville   9  M          Missouri


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