Descendants of Francis Wilkinson of
County Antrim, Ireland


Generation #3

Francis (2Samuel, 1Francis) Wilkinson of Russell Co VA

The answer to the question of Thomas and Brannoc Wilkinson's parentage can be found through the Washington Co VA land records. On 10/28/1871 Samuel Wilkinson willed to "my son Francis and my Daughter Ann all my goods & Chattels that's on [the] Clinch [River]." This land was probably in the Lower District in the vicinity of Ft. Blackmore and would have already been surveyed and recorded before the will was written. Francis' lands on Thompson Creek in the Upper District in the vicinity of New Garden Station were not surveyed until 9/1781 through 1785. Beginning in 1798, Rachael and her son Brannoc Wilkinson are found in the Lower Dist. Tax List for Russell Co VA. Were the lands Samuel willed to Francis and Ann these lands in the Lower District? If so, reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that Francis was Rachael's husband and the father of Thomas and Brannoc. Is there a record of Samuel's original land grant or purchase in what was then Washington Co VA?

Francis Wilkinson was born in about 1747, probably in Chester Co PA. After peace was reached between the British and French in 1764, King George III prohibited settlement beyond the Appalachians. This decree forced settlers seeking new lands to look south into the newly opened lands of the Valley of Virginia. Just before the Revolution, Francis, in the company of his family, migrated down the Great Wagon Road south and west into the Valley of Virginia and central North Carolina. Francis is first found recorded in a 1769 Orange Co NC Quaker Meeting rent record.

Belief that Francis was at some time in the Dorchester Co MD/Kent Co DE area comes from a series of evidences. In the 1880 Warrick Co IN Census, Grandson Henry Wilkerson, son of Brannoc, stated that his father was born in Delaware. And in about 1768, Francis married Rachael Brannock b. c. 1750 Kent Co DE. At the time of son Brannoc's birth, the boundary between Maryland and Delaware had recently been shifted west from its initial location. Therefore, family births, marriages, and wills along with land transactions and court proceedings which had been recorded in Dorchester Co MD were now recorded in Kent Co DE. [1775 Boundary Map]

In Francis' father's will of 1782, nonspecific lands "on Clinch" were left to Francis and his sister Ann. Subsequently, Francis purchased land in the New Garden Station on Thompson Creek (vic. Honaker VA) in what was then Washington Co VA. These lands would eventually be located in Scott and Russell counties.

Francis is found in survey and tax records up until his death after the 1797 property tax list was compiled. The last record of Francis comes from the 1798 through 1803 land purchase by Stephen Woolsey of lands between Thompson and Lewis Creeks in Russell Co VA which had been Francis' and were subsequently willed to his siblings. Beginning in 1798, wife Rachael and son Brannoc are found in the Lower Dist. of Russell County. Francis is believed to be buried on the family property between Thompson and Lewis Creeks in Russell Co VA. [Wilkinson Family Migration]

15 July 1769. Joseph MADDOCK of Orange, planter, to James THOMPSON, Samuel CHAMBERS, Francis WILKINSON and Daniel CLOUD of same, planters, five shillings, five acres, payment made by grantees in behalf of themselves and the members of Eno Meeting belonging to the peoples (blank) Quakers, rent of four pence to be paid annually to William COMB on 25 March, property to be used only for use of members, begin at a hickory, W 33 perches to a black oak, S 33 perches along John CARSON'S line to a small black oak grub, E 15 perches to the Great Road, along the Great Road 40 perches to first station, whereon the meeting house and other buildings now stand, part of tract from Granville to William COMB 12 Nov 1756.

Kent Co DE Wills, arch. vol A5, pp. 149-150. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folio 156:
Brannock, William
, Will written Aug. 4, 1774. Mispillion Hd. Prob. Aug. 11, 1774.
Heirs: wife Alice; son William; daus. Elizabeth Brannock, Mary Abbet, Rachael Wilkinson.
Exec'rs: wife Alice & friend John Cox, son of Thomas.
Wits: Aron Wieyatt, William Wieyatt, Richard North.
Caswell Co NC Will Book A-B, p. 185:
10/28/1781. Will of Samuel Wilkinson. I will to my son Francis and my Daughter Ann all my goods & Chattels that's on [the] Clinch [River].
Washington County, VA Survey records abstracts 1781-1797:
-Francis Wilkerson
...400 New Garden settlement on Clinch River, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1775...September 2, 1781.
-Francis Wilkerson
...400 ac...commissioners Certificate...on the waters of Thompsons Creek, branch of Clinch River...October 10, 1783.
-Francis Wilkerson, assignee of Aaron Lewis...82 ac...Treasury Warrant...on the waters of Thomsons Creek, branch of Clinch River...Beginning on Samuel Priests a path...May 4, 1784.
-Francis Wilkinson, assignee of Aaron Lewis - 100 ac - Treasury warrant - in the New Garden on Andrew Lynem's fork of Thompson Creek on the waters of Clynch River - warrant dated March 23, 1782, #11573 - September 6, 1785, p. 300.
-Francis Wilkerson, assignee of Aaron Lewis - 100 ac - Treasury warrant - in the New Garden on Lynius branch the waters of Clinch River including his improvement - warrant dated March 23, 1782 #11573 - September 6, 1785
-Francis Wilkerson - 120 ac - Treasury Warrant - on Whitesides Fork of Thompson Creek, waters of Clinch River - beginning near a spring branch - September 7, 1785

-December 20, 1795 between Francis Wilkerson and Robert Macey...200 ac part of a tract which as patented to Francis Wilkerson dated October 10, 1783...on the north side of Clinch River and in the New Garden...Signed: Francis Wilkerson. Witnesses: Angar Price, John Hargis, John Stacy
-October 20, 1796 between Francis Wilkinson and George Roberson...100 ac on the head waters of Lewis's Creek, branch of Clinch River...Beginning on the side of the Big Arse a spring...Signed: Francis Wilkinson. No witnesses.
-October 20, 1796 between Francis Wilkenson and Stephen Fuller...100 ac, on branch the waters of Clinch River...Signed: Francis Wilkerson. No witnesses.

Russell Co VA Deed Book 3 (1798-1806):
2/1796 Indenture from Francis Wilkerson to Robert Masey, oaths of Anjar Price & John Stacy, p. 271
10/1796 2 Indentures from Francis Wilkerson, 1 to George Robinson and 1 to Stephen Fuller, p. 321

Russell Co VA Court Records:
12/20/1796 Wilkerson, Francis; Macey, Robert; 20 Dec 1796, p. 81

RUSSELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEED BOOK 3 (1798 - 1806), p. 416:
November 30, 1798 between Stephen Woolsey of Green Co., TN and Nathan Wilkinson, adm. William Wilkinson, Enoch Carter, Henry Grey & Thomas Wilkinson, heirs of Francis Wilkinson, decd...125 ac in the New Garden on Whitesides fork of Thompsons Creek, the waters of Clinch River...Beginning on the east side of a ridge near a of a ridge...Signed: Nathan Wilkinson, Enoch Carter, William Wilkinson, Henry Grey, Thomas Wilkinson by his atty William Wilkinson. Witnesses: John Wear, Sr. & John Wear, Jr.

Russell Co VA Court Records:
10/1799 Indenture from Nathan Wilkerson, adm of Francis Wilkerson, decd to French Mason, oaths of George Belsha & Abraham Musick, continued for further proof, p. 29.

Russell Co VA Deed Book 3 (1798-1806):
1803 Indenture from Nathan Wilkerson, William Wilkenson, Enoch Moore [Carter], Henry Grey & Thomas Wilkenson by atty William Wilkenson to Stephen Woolsey, certified by Daniel Kennedy, Clerk of Greene Co., TN, recorded, p. 262.


    1. Thomas Wilkinson b. c. 1769 Orange Co NC

    2. Brannoc Wilkinson b. 1771 Orange Co NC

    3. Daughter Wilkinson

    4. Rachael Wilkinson

Samuel Carter & Racheal Wilkerson September 2 , 1805

    5. Louisa "Luly" Wilkinson

Sherod Cooper and Luly Wilkerson Dec 13, 1809 E Foley
Males  Born
# Cooper  Females Born
# Cooper
45+   45+   1 Rachel Brannock (?)
25-44 1765 1 Sherod 25-44 1765 0
16-25 1785 0 16-25 1785 1 Luly
10-15 1795 0 10-15 1795 0
to-10 1800 1 Branick (?) to-10 1800 1 Unknown
Males Born After


Cooper Females Born After # Cooper
45+   1 Sherod 45+      
25-44 1775  0   25-44 1775  1 Luly
18-25 1795  0   16-25 1795  1 Unknown
16-18 1802  0  
10-15 1805  1 William 10-15 1805  1 Unknown
to 10 1810  2 John
to 10 1810  2 Temperance
Order Minute Books, Civil and Criminal, Vol. C, 1815-1830, Clay Co KY, p. 445:
October 3, 1825 Luly filed for divorce on the grounds that she had been abandoned. The divorce was finalized October 24, 1826 by Circuit Court Judge Joseph Eve.
Males Born After # Cooper Females Born After # Cooper
100+       100+      
to 100 1730     to 100 1730  1 Rachael Brannock (?)
to 90 1740     to 90 1740    
to 80 1750     to 80 1750    
to 70 1760     to 70 1760    
to 60 1770     to 60 1770    
to 50 1780     to 50 1780  1 Luly
to 40 1790     to 40 1790    
to 30 1800  1 William to 30 1800    
to 20 1810     to 20 1810    
to 15 1815  2 John
to 15 1815    
to 10 1820  1 Shadrack to 10 1820    
to 5 1825  1 Thomas to 5 1825  1 Temperance

Generation #4


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