Descendants of James Campbell of Ulster, Ireland

Generation #4

Columbus (3John, 2William Granville, 1James) Campbell

Columbus Campbell was born 10/11/1868 in Wayne CO MS. He grew up on the family farm along Yellow Creek. His father, John, was very industrious, operating a store, grist mill, molasses mill, and cotton gin. Columbus is first enumerated in the 1880 Wayne Co MS Census at age 11, living with his parents.

On 10/7/1888 in Wayne Co MS Columbus married Mary Susannah "Minnie" Lee b. 11/30/1869 in Wayne Co MS.

By 1900 the family lived near Old Augusta in Perry Co MS. Originally a bustling trade center and the county seat, the town no longer exists. While in Perry County, Columbus was listed as a "distiller of turpentine" and is found in the census adjacent to several other persons who were also in the Turpentine Industry. The local area in Perry County is known as the "Pine Hills." And, turpentine is produced from rotting pine trees. Evidently, turpentine was a going concern at the time, and people move to where the jobs are. In 1902 the Town of Augusta was moved south of the river to a junction with the railroad. Perhaps the usable timber gave out concurrent to the relocation of the town. Columbus and family were back in Wayne County by 1902 when Aunt Jo P was born.

The University of Mississippi has an ongoing archeological excavation which has located the original courthouse and the foundations of several buildings. Of note, two of Columbus' children are reported to be buried somewhere in Old Augusta.

Burials Next to Stevens Cemetery, Old Augusta, Perry County, MS:
Campbell, Infant dau. 3/5/1900 (Infant daughter of C. & M.S. Campbell)

By 1930, Columbus and Minnie moved up to Clarke County where they lived the remainder of their lives. Columbus died in 1950, and Minnie died in 1958.

11 Oct 1868
12 Jul 1950 
Mary Lee
30 Nov 1869
16 Dec 1958
Campbell Family Bible:
Columbus Campbell born Sun. 8 PM, Oct. 11, 1868
1900 Perry County, Mississippi, Census
HN  FM  Last     First     Rel   Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
105 105 Campbell Columbus  Head  M    31   MS   Al   GA   Distiller [of]
                 Mary J.   Wife  F    30   MS   MS   MS   Turpentine
                 Pearl G.  Dau   F    10   MS   MS   MS
                 J. R.     Son   M     8   MS   MS   MS
                 J. A.     Son   M     5   MS   MS   MS
                 Leonadus  Son   M     3   MS   MS   MS
1910 Wayne County, Mississippi, Census
HN FM  Last     First     Rel   Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
90 73  Campbell Columbus  Head  M    42   MS   AL   AL   Proprietor
                Mary      Wife  F    40   MS   MS   MS
                Pearl     Dau   F    21   MS   MS   MS
                Robert    Son   M    18   MS   MS   MS
                James A.  Son   M    16   MS   MS   MS
                Lee       Son   M    13   MS   MS   MS
                Ettie     Dau   F     5   MS   MS   MS
                Lenore    Dau   F     2   MS   MS   MS
1920 Wayne County, Mississippi, Census
HN FM  Last     First     Rel   Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
29 32  Campbell Columbus  Head  M    51   MS   AL   AL   Farmer
                Mary      Wife  F    50   MS   AL   MS
                Lee       Son   M    22   MS   AL   MS
                Henrietta Dau   F    15   MS   AL   MS
                Nora      Dau   F    12   MS   AL   MS
                Columbus  Son   M     9   MS   AL   MS
       Starling Goley     Dau   F    30   MS   AL   MS
                Ruby Lee  Dau   F     8   MS   MS   MS
                Catherine Dau   F   5/12  MS   MS   MS
1930 Clarke County, Mississippi, Census
HN  FM   Last     First     Rel   Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
437 455  Campbell Columbus  Head  M    61   MS   MS   MS   None
                  Mary      Wife  F    59   MS   MS   MS   None


   1. Pearl "Goldie" Campbell

    2. John Robeson "Bob" Campbell

    3. James Alford "Billy" Campbell

    4. Leonidas "Lee" Campbell

    5. Infant Daughter Campbell

    6. Emmaline "Jo P" Campbell

    7. Henrietta "Etta" Campbell

    8. Tommie Lenora Campbell b. 8/21/1907 Wayne Co MS

    9. Columbus Peter "Jack" Campbell

Generation #5


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