Descendants of James Campbell of Ulster, Ireland

Generation #5

Tommie Lenora (4Columbus, 3John, 2William Granville, 1James) Campbell

Grandma Tommie was born Lenora Campbell on 8/21/1907 in Wayne Co MS. She was nicknamed "Tommie" after the family's pet pig. She liked the nickname so much that she changed her name when she applied for a birth certificate.

In 1930 Grandma Tommie married Bernis Bonaparte Lewis b. 2/27/1897 Rose Hill MS. My grandparents were married for 38 years. After Pop Bernis' death in 1968, Grandma Tommie lived in Arkansas. She returned to Jasper Co MS later when her health was failing.

Thankfully, Grandma Tommie wrote her memoirs of the Campbell/Sammons/Lee/West Family, and she is primarily responsible for what we know today. [Handwritten chart annotated by Grandma Tommie]

Tommie C. Lewis
Aug 21, 1907
Aug 15.2000
"One worthy of Remembrance"



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