Descendants of Henry Overstreet of England

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Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #4

Martha "Patsy" (3John, 2Henry, 1Henry) Overstreet of Wayne Co MS

Martha "Patsy" Overstreet was born 1808 Montgomery Co GA. Martha migrated with her parents to Wayne Co MS around 1819 and is found enumerated in the 1820 Wayne Co MS Census.

In about 1823, Martha "Patsy" married Dr. John West b. c. 1775 in Ireland. Martha "Patsy" assumed the role of mother for his children by his two pervious wives. John and Martha lived in Greene Co MS, raising 4 children of their own. John died before 1835 in Greene Co MS.

After John's death, Martha "Patsy" and children relocated to Wayne Co MS where her brothers built a cabin for her. In 1835 Martha "Patsy" married Samuel Lee, Sr. b. 1772 Robeson Co NC. And again, Martha "Patsy" assumed the role of mother for Samuel's many children by his two previous wives. And, Sam and Martha had 3 children of their own.

Sam Lee, several older sons, and Martha "Patsy" with the younger children began a migration trek to Texas after 1840. Martha "Patsy" gave up on Sam after crossing the Mississippi River, returning to Wayne County and living out her life in a small cabin. Astonishingly, Patsy didn't even keep her three youngest Lee children with her; as sons Jefferson and Billy and daughter Rebecca are found living with son Stephen West in the 1850 Wayne Co Census. Somehow I get the impression that she just gave up.

After researching the life of Martha "Patsy" Overstreet, I can best characterize her as a dedicated mother; as she was in one way or another the mother to over 30 children sired by her two husbands and their many wives.

1850 Federal Census: Mississippi, Wayne County
213  213 West  Martha  42   F          Geo


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