Descendants of Dr. John West of Ireland

Irish Republican Flag 1790 - 1848

Generation #1

Catherine "Katie" (1John) West

Catherine "Katie" West was born 8/11/1830 in Wayne Co MS. She was the daughter of Dr. John West and Martha "Patsy" Overstreet. After her father died, the family moved to Wayne Co MS and lived next to several of the Overstreet brothers.

Katie grew up on the Lee Plantation; as her mother had married Samuel Lee, Sr. of Wayne Co MS. After 1840 Sam loaded up Martha "Patsy" and several of his many children by multiple wives, migrating to Texas. Family history states that Sam left Martha "Patsy" in Louisiana and went on with the boys to Texas. And, Martha "Patsy" picked up her younger children and stock, retracing their path back to Wayne Co MS.

In his father's absence, Robeson Lee, Samuel's youngest son by his second wife, occupied the Lee plantation. When Martha "Patsy" returned to Wayne County, she dropped her many children with different relatives. Katie wound up eventually on the Lee Plantation where Robeson Lee was living. In January of 1846, Katie married Robeson Earl Lee b. 4/6/1818 Wayne Co MS.

Robeson, Katie, and family survived the Civil War. Robeson died in 1897, and Katie died in 1910. Both are buried in the Old Lee Cemetery, located on the Lee Plantation.

1900 Federal Census: Mississippi, Wayne County
19  19  Lee  Katherine       72  F   Farmer  MS
             Nathan (Greene) 38  M   Farmer  MS
             Martha          30  F           MS
             Betsie          15  F           MS
1880 Federal Census: Mississippi, Wayne County
294 296  Lee  Catherine  79  F   Head WD  Farmer  MS
              Green M.   54  M   Son  WD  Laborer MS
              Martha M.  40  F   Dau  S           MS


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