Descendants of Isaac Hutto
of Lower Palatinate of the Rhine

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C)

Generation #2

Jacob (1Isaac) Hutto of South Carolina

Jacob Hutto was born in 1736 in Orangeburg Co SC. Date of birth is calculated from the 1739 land grant which lists the then youngest son as age 2. Jacob grew up in the ethnic German community, attending St. Matthews, the local German language Church.

Before 6/1753, Jacob was married in Orangeburg Dist. SC to Margaret Tshudy b. c. 1737 in Orangeburg Co SC. Evidence of this marriage comes from the Giessendanner Record of First Communion, Whitsuntide 6/3/1753.

If Margaret Tshudy was a first wife as is believed, she died before 5/1759 when Jacob was married in Orangeburg Dist. SC to Margaret Diedricks ch. 9/14/1741 Orangeburg Dist. SC. Evidence for this marriage comes from the 1759 will for Margaret's grandfather, Johannes Diedricks, which states his "Beloved grand daughter Margaret now the wife of Jacob Hottow of Orangeburg."

During the Revolutionary War, there are two records where a Jacob Hutto served both sides: one in the South Carolina Militia and one in British units which were raised in the Colonies. Were these two different individuals or was this one person? Note, many individuals served on both sides during the conflict. Evidence for Jacob s/o Isaac as the Patriot comes from his age; as a grown forty-four year-old man would be less likely to serve in a regular unit but would be more likely to serve in the local militia. Additionally, Jacob s/o Isaac received a land grant in Orangeburg Co SC in 1788. Was this his war bounty land from the Federal Government?

Jacob and Margaret are enumerated in the 1790 Orangeburg Dist. SC Census. One adult male is also enumerated who could be son Jacob, Jr.

Jacob is found in the 1800 Orangeburg Co SC Census. However, the female found with him would have been born after 1775. Information from the censuses indicates that Margaret died before 1800, and possibly Jacob remarried. Jacob is believed to have died after 1800 in Orangeburg Co SC.

Council Journal, 22 Feb 1739) [OGS News Vol. I pg. 18 , pg. 131; Vol. II, pg.120.]:
1739 Jul 25 Surv. Lot 282 + 350 acres (Limestone Creek) Plat 4:179; Grant 42:218.
Petition 22 Feb 1739 For Headrights: self [Isaac], wife [Catharina], son [Charles] 15, dau. [Anna] 16, dau. [Sarah] 13, son [Peter] 12 , and son [Jacob] 2.
1756 On Sunday January 25th in Orangeburgh Church. Baptized Charles, son of Charles and Anne Hottow; born [blank] 1755.
Suscept. Henry Rowe, Jacob Hottow, and Anne wife of Peter Griffith. (Rev. Giessendanner)
1756 On Sunday September 26th in Orangeb. Church. Baptized Thomas, son of Leonhard & Sarah Warnedow; born 12th May 1756.
Suret. Jacob Hottow, Abraham Hasfort & Margaret, wife of Joseph Griffice. (Rev. Giessendanner)
1757 On Easter Sunday April 10th in Orangeburgh Church. Baptized Henry, son of Jacob & Anna Wannenmaker; born March 27th 1756.
Suret: Jacob Hottow, John Roth Junr. & Anna Magdalena Tapp. (Rev. Giessendanner)
1759 On Sunday March 4th in Orangeb. Church. Baptized Samuel, son of James & Judith Nicks; born January 30th 1757.
Surets: Nathaniel & Mary Watson, & Jacob Hottow. (Rev. Giessendanner)

1759 On Sunday March 4th. in Orangeburgh Church. Baptized Jane, daughter of Nathaniel & Mary Watson; born Octobr 9th 1758.
Surets: Frederick Huber, Jacob Hottow, & Margaret, Wife of Sam'l Densmore. (Rev. Giessendanner)

Charleston Will Book RR 1767-1771, p. 298:
Will of Hans Dietrick. Hans Dietrick left his estate to his widow Anna. Residual legatees were :
Beloved grand daughter Margaret now the wife of Jacob Hottow of Orangeburg
Ex: Peter Roth. Wit: Samuel Luther, George Frazler, John Endel.
Signed 15 May 1759, proven 3 Mar 1769.
1760 Baptized / Sunday Febr 10th in Orangeburgh Church. John Jacob, Son of Jno Henry & Ann Margaret Shilling; born January 5th 1760.
Suret: Charles & Jacob Hottow, & Zibilla Catharina, wife of Martin Egly. (Rev. Giessendanner)
1760 On Sunday Feb. 24, in Orangeburgh Church. Baptized Anna, daughter of Jacob and Dorothy Tshudy; born Feb. 17, 1760.
Suret: Simon Yonn, Margaret wife of Jacob Hottow, and Anna wife of Charles Hottow. (Rev. Giessendanner).
Land Purchase in Four Holes Swamp. Plat 7:261; Memorial 14:250:
3/5/1762 Jacob, Isaac Jr., and Benjamin purchased from brother Charles 250 acres at Deer Hill.
Land Grant in Four Holes Swamp. Plat 7:261; Memorial 14:250:
7/1770 250 acres at Deer Hill sold to George McMichael. by inheritors of Isaac Hutto incl. Jacob Hutto, "labourer, resident of Berkeley Co."
1780 Pvt. Hutto, Jacob Col. Fisher's Orangeburg Militia

1781 Pvt. Hutto, Jacob SC Militia

In 1774 [Charles Hutto] and his wife signed a lease to his younger brothers Jacob, Isaac and Benjamin.
Jacob Hutto: Captured before 2/1781 in South Carolina. Listed as a prisoner at British controlled Charleston from Feb. 1781 to June 1782.
Jacob Hutto put in a claim for 41 days of service in the SC Militia and on 2 Dec 1785 signed a receipt for the interest on the indent claim. On 16 Jan. Mrs. Hannah Hutto used the indent claim to purchase land.
Males Born
# Hutto Females # Hutto
18+   2 Jacob
Jacob, Jr.


1 Margaret
17- 1778 0  
Males  Born
# Hutto  Females Born
# Hutto
45+   1 Jacob 45+   0  
25-44 1755 0   25-44 1755 0  
18-25 1775 0   18-25 1775 1 Unknown
10-15 1785 0   10-15 1785 0  
to-10 1790 0   to-10 1790 0  

    Children with Margaret Diedricks

    1. William Hutto (Possible son)

    2. Daniel Hutto (Possible son)

    3. Jacob Hutto, Jr. b. 1773 Orangeburg Dist. SC

Generation #3


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