Descendants of the Moseley Family of Georgia

Generation #2

Robert "of the Indians" (1Robert, 0Family) Moseley (Conjecture)

Robert T. Moseley was born in 1757 in Southampton Co VA. Robert migrated with his family from Virginia to North Carolina and by 1782 to Wilkes Co GA. In about 1783 in Wilkes Co GA, Robert married Sarah Palmer b. c. 1770.

Robert is first found recorded in 1790 when he and his wife Sarah deeded land to his father and brother, Henry. This deed was witnessed by Robert's sister, Olive, and her husband, James Bell. Robert was prosperous and a member of an influential family. Robert attended the 1795 Georgia Constitutional Convention with his father and brothers and was admitted to the Crooked Creek Baptist Church where his brother was pastor. But, something happened which changed Robert's entire life.

In about 1811 for reasons unknown, Robert Moseley abandoned his white family to live among the Creek Indians. In about 1812 in Alabama, Robert married Sumerly Coppinger, b. c. 1790, the niece of Creek Indian Leader, Peter McQueen. But, no record of divorce is extant.

By 1814 Robert of the Indians is found among the Company of Spies, fighting for the Americans in the Red Stick War:

There was also an Indian countryman along by the name of Bob Moseley. Moseley's wife was the niece of Peter McQueen. Ward's wife was a relation of Daniel McDonald, more generally known to the whites as Daniel McGillivray, and both of their wives were then with the hostile Indians. Ward and Moseley seemed willing to risk any and everything to forward the movement of the army, in order to reach the neighborhood of their families. . .While at this breast-work, one night, by a campfire, I listened to Elijah Moseley inquiring into his brother's motives for leaving a white family and making his home among a tribe of savages. Bob's reply was, as well as I now recollect, that there was no false swearing among Indians. . . .

    "Among the Creeks," RootsWeb Gen Web Page, No date <> 30 October 2004.

There is a record from Antioch Baptist Church (vic Godfrey GA) for one Sarah Moseley which lists her membership from 2/1815 to 4/13/1816. Reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that Sarah changed her membership from Crooked Creek Baptist where her brother-in-law was pastor to that of Antioch Baptist after Robert abandoned her.

The last record for a Robert Moseley is the 1817 Morgan Co GA Tax List. Was this really Sarah, his wife, paying taxes on the family homestead? Or was this Robert, Jr. paying taxes on his own property? Nothing further is known of Robert of the Indians. After the war, he most probably returned to his Creek Indian family. Robert died in about 1820 in what was then the Creek Nation and is now Macon Co AL.

Wilkes Co., Ga. Deeds:
Robert Moseley and wife Sarah Moseley dated 10 Mar 1790 deeds lands to John Wilkins and adjacent land to Robert and Henry Moseley....witnesses: James & Olive Bell and Littleberry Talley.
1793 Wilkes Co GA:
[Robert Moseley] sold half his land on Falling, Wahatchee Creeks, neighbor of Henry, Polly, George and Lewis Moseley.
Henry Moseley was also a delegate to the Constitutional Convention from Georgia in 1795 along with his father Robert Moseley, Sr., his brothers Robert T. and Lewis, Jr.
Crooked Creek Baptist Church Record:
Dec. 24, 1808, Received by letter bro Robert Morley.
Antioch Baptist Church Membership Rolls (Women):
Mosely, Sarah Feb. 1815 to 4-13-1816


    1. Mary "Polly" Moseley b. 1787 in Georgia

    2. Robert Moseley

    3. William Moseley

    4. Cynthia Moseley

    5. Henry Moseley b. c. 1796 in Georgia

Generation #3


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