Descendants of Lewis ap David of Cardiganshire, Wales

Generation #6

Taverner (5John, 4William, 3James, 2James, 1Edmund) Lewis of Copiah Co MS

There is a yDNA connection between this person and my ancestor, Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 Spotsylvania Co VA. yDNA confirms an exact match (67/67) to some tests. And, there are close (66/67) matches and almost close (65/67) matches. All of theses matches deserve research to determine how the different families are related.

These test results can be found at the Lewis Surname DNA Project. Additionally, a detailed discussion of the significance of these test results and a comparison of the results for the five Lewis families of northern Virginia can be found at DNA Results.

This analysis focuses on the 37/37 match to Taverner Lewis of Copiah Co MS who is the proven "close" relative of Walden Lewis.

Taverner was a title, not necessarily a name of the time, and is quite rare. Oral history states that the Lewis Line descends from William Lewis and Sarah Branham. Evidence comes in part from Sarah Branham's uncle, Taverner Branham b. 1739 Richmond Co VA. Reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that Taverner Lewis was named for his paternal great-uncle. A major project has been to prove the lineage of Taverner and Walden Lewis. To facilitate further research, Taverner's family is presented in detail.

Taverner Lewis was the younger brother of Walden Lewis. He was born c. 1775 in Spotsylvania Co VA. Proof of Taverner's birth in Virginia is found in Goodspeed's Biographical and Historical Memories of Mississippi, printed in 1891. Goodspeed includes Alfred E. Lewis, Jr.'s marriage to Ann Farrington and states, "His father moved from Virginia to Jackson, Mississippi, at an early date and was among the first settlers."

Taverner is first found on 7/5/1802 where he was issued a Pass at Ft. Southwest Point TN to move with his wife and one child through the Cherokee Nation to Jackson County, GA. From this, we know that Taverner was married and had his first child before 1802. Taverner is next found in the 1809 Morgan Co GA Tax List. Did Taverner's first wife die in Morgan Co GA?

Family history states that Taverner married Cynthia Moseley b. c. 1794 in Georgia. Cynthia is believed to be the sister of Mary "Polly" Moseley, Walden's wife. And, family history states that the Moseley girls were the descendants of Robert Moseley of the Norfolk Co VA line. However, this portion of the oral history cannot be proven as yet.

Family history states that Taverner fought with General Thomas Pinckney during the Indian Wars in the Mississippi Territory (1814-1815). Taverner's whereabouts are not known after the 1820 Pike Co MS Census. Unfortunately, the 1830 Pike Co MS Census is not available.

Taverner is reported to have died and been buried in 1837 in Copiah Co MS. This is reasonable; as sons Alfred E. and John are enumerated in the 1840 Copiah Co MS Census. Taverner could have moved in with one of his sons prior to his demise.

"Tabner Lewis with his wife & one child having one Horse his own property; have permission to pass through that part of the Cherokee Nation intervening between this post and Jackson County in Georgia. . .5 July 1802."
    Janelle Swearingen, "Settlers and Intruders on Cherokee Indian Lands 1801-1816," 1989 <> 16 October 2004.
1805 Georgia Land Lottery Persons Entitled to Draws:
John Lewis Senr. (2)
Tavner Lewis (1)
Walden Lewis (1)
Consideration $100 paid by Walden Lewis of county and state aforesaid. . .sell unto said Walden Lewis one bay mare, ten head of cattle, and ten hogs. . .Tavner Lewis 20th March 1809.
Males Born After


Lewis Females Born After # Lewis
45+   1 Taverner 45+   0  
25-44 1775 0   25-44 1775 1 Cynthia
18-25 1795 1 Alfred E. 16-25 1795 0  
16-18 1802 1 Edward A.
10-15 1805 2 John
10-15 1805 1 Unknown
to 10 1810 2 Walden B.
to 10 1810 0  
Copiah Co MS Probate:
1838 Estate of Taverner Lewis.
Washington Lewis, administrator, son Alfred Lewis
Wit. William Wroten, John Chaw

    Children with first wife

    1. Alfred Lewis

1850 Federal Census: Copiah County, Mississippi
428 428  Lewis  Alfred      50   M   Farmer   Ga
                Elizabeth   42   F            Ga
                Mary        17   F            Mi 
                Taverner J  15   M   Laborer  Mi 
                Jesse       13   M            Mi 
                Alfred      11   M            Mi 
                Walden       9   M            Mi 
                George W     7   M            Mi 
                Alzey J      4   F            Mi
                Elizabeth    4   F            Mi
                Nancy E      3   F            Mi 
                James C      1   M            Mi 
                John F       2   M            Mi 
429 429  Lewis  William A   23   M   Farmer   Mi 
                Susan       22   F            Mi

    2. John Lewis (possibly not the son of Taverner)

    Children with Cynthia Moseley

    3. Washington Lewis

1850 Federal Census: Simpson County, Mississippi
333 340  Lewis  Washington   40  M   Labourer Ga
                Maria        30  F            Miss
                Cynthia      16  F            La
                Alfred       10  M            La
                John          5  M            La
                William W   1/12 M            Miss

    4. Walden B. Lewis

1850 Federal Census: Simpson County, Mississippi
387 387 Lewis  Walden      36  M   Farmer  LA
               Sara        29  F           MS
               Minerva      9  F           MS
               Parthena     7  F           MS
               Walden       5  M           MS
               Alfred       3  M           MS
               Willis       0  M           MS


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