Descendants of Richard Webb
of Gloucestershire, England

Union Flag of England and
Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #3

Note: Information on the Taverner and Webb families is conjecture. To date there is no proof that the Taverner and Webb families intermarried. However, there was a familial relationship as proven by existing wills.

John (2Giles, 1Richard) Webb of England

John Webb was born 1649 in Rappahannock Co VA. On 7/14/1673 in Rappahannock Co VA, John married Mary Samford b. 1650 Rappahannock Co VA.

John died 1694 in Richmond Co VA.

Will of Thomas Taylor 1/22/1686, 3/2/1687 Rappahannock Co., VA:
godsons John Taverner, Jr and Samford Jones - 1000 lbs. Tobacco
Isaac Webb, s/o John Webb - 1000 lbs Tobacco
friend Rees Evans - 1000 lbs Tobacco
Thomas White - 4-- lbs Tobacco
Elizabeth Pond - 400 lbs Tobacco
discharge and set free the boy Thomas Huitt - my woolin and linen clothes
friend Edward Jones, Elisha Jones, Thomas Baylis, Mrs. Catherine Baylis, John Webb and Isaac Webb - 6 lb. Sterling to each buy rings
Executors: Wm. Coleston and James Samford
witn. by Isaac Webb, John Blake and Joseph Davis


    1. James Webb

Will of James Webb (written 11/30/1716, probated 1/15/1717)
In the Name of God Amen. The thirtyeth day of November Seaventeen hundred & sixteen. I James Webb of South Farnham Parish in the County of Essex. . .And first I do revoke/renounce frustrate and make void all wills by me formerly made and declare and appoint this to be my last will & testament. . .Item: I lend unto my loving wife Sarah. . .Item I give & bequeath unto my son John the plantation whereon I now live and all the land belonging to me that lies on the lower side of the main road. . .Item I give &bequeath unto my sd. son John my horse called Fire with my saddleholsters sword & pistols. . .Item I give & bequeath unto my son James the remaining part of my lands lying above the road. . .Item I give & bequeath unto my daughter Catherine. . .Item I give & bequeath unto my daughter Mercy. . .before my sd. son James shall arrive to the age of eighteen years. . .between my four children. . . .
Wit: Giles Webb, John Callicut

    2. John Webb b. c. 1675 Rappahannock Co VA

    3. Giles Webb

Will of William Lunn 3/1/1678, 1/21/1678 Rappahannock Co.. Names wife as Alicia [Samford], son as Roger and daughter as Mary. If none of these heirs survive, then his estate is to go to Giles Webb, s/o John Webb. The Will was witnessed by Edward Jones and Thomas Taylor.

    4. Isaac Webb

Birth noted in the Registers of North Farnham Parish for 1663-1814.
Was Executor of brother James will in 1717 in Essex County.
Essex County Will Book 5, pp 403-404:
Will noted to have been proved in Essex County on 17 Feb, 1729 and names wife and 4 daughters. John and James Webb, kinsmen, were named executors.
The Estate of Mr. Isaac Webb decd. (some entries)..1730 2 coffins; part of my fathers Estate; to John Webb; to Catherine Webb; to Mr. John Froman; to Mr. Richard Johnson; to Mr. John Walker; to Dr. Peter Godfrey; a protested bill of Exchange; to Walter Leonard; to John Naylor; to Richard Bush; 3 Gallons and 5 pints of run used in burying Rebeccah Webb; to 2 ounces of spice; 7 quarts of run for appraisment; to the proof of ye will; to teagestring 2 deaths; to Mr. Thomas Edmondson Jr; to Mr Leonard Hill; to Richard Wilkerson; to Mr. Henry Adcock; to Mr. John Hill; to Mr. Thomas Suggit; to Roger Williams.... Contra By the whole amount of ye Inventory (331 pounds five shillings one pence and 3/4; by cash recd... Errors excepted per me January 17th 1735 James Webb
At a Court held for Essex County at Tappa. on the 20th day of January 1735 James Webb Exr. of Isaac Webb decd presented this account and having produced sufficient vouchers for all the articles therein and made oath thereto and the Court having valued ye tobacco as it is now charged, the sd account is admitted to record.

Generation #4


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