The Zachary Lewis Family

Generation #1

John Lewis

This John Lewis is a "placeholder person" who I use to connect Zachary Lewis I of King and Queen Co VA and his sister, Sarah who married James Shackelford. No further information is known.


    1. Sarah Lewis

Gloucester Co VA Records:
3/10/1706. Power of Attorney--Sarah Shackelford to Mr. Zachary Lewis Sr. that he "appear for me at the Essex [Co.] Court and Relinquish my right of Dower of 150 Acres of Land which my husband Francis Shackelford sold to John Shackelford and you will oblige your loveing sister."
Signed Sarah X Shackelford.

    2. Zachary Lewis I b. 1673 Brecknockshire, Wales

Generation #2


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