The Zachary Lewis Family

Generation #1

Zachary Lewis I (0Research) of King & Queen Co VA

Zachary Lewis I was born 1673 in Brecknockshire, Wales. According to Lewises, Meriwethers and Their Kin, this family is from the landed Lewis family who owned estates Brecknock and Llangollen in Wales. Evidence comes from this family's descendants naming their Virginia estates accordingly:
1. Zachary Lewis I and son John Lewis lived at Lewisville, King & Queen Co VA.
2. Zachary Lewis II lived at Bel-Air, Spotsylvania Co VA.
2. Col. Zachary Lewis III lived at Bel-Air, Spotsylvania Co VA.
3. John Lewis s/o Zachary Lewis III lived at  Llangollen, Franklin Co KY
4. Dr. Richmond Lewis s/o Zachary Lewis III lived at Brecknock, Spotsylvania Co VA.

According to grandson, Rev. Iverson Lewis, Zachary I and family emigrated in 1692 to Colonial Virginia, settling south of the Rappahannock River in King & Queen Co VA (vic. Contra VA). Zachary I is first documented in 1694 when he patented land adjacent to Christopher Lewis. This Christopher was most probably a close cousin or even an uncle. And, there is evidence which connects to a sister, Sarah.

Zachary Lewis I was a noted lawyer in early Colonial Virginia. And, his sons and grandsons were also. Zachary built the family home, Lewisville, at the head of the Piankatank River on Dragon Swamp. Zachary died after 1739 and is buried in the family plot at the family home.

Contrary to custom, Zachary I left Lewisville to younger son John who married Sarah Iverson. From the 1894 Lewis Convention held at Bel-Air in Spotsylvanina Co  VA, we learn that Zachary Lewis II left King & Queen county early, heading upriver to make his own fortune in the new lands of the west. And come to find out, Zachary's sisters' families did the same.

Land Books of Virginia Book 8, p. 318:
On 20 Apr 1694, Mr. Zachary LEWIS patented 500 acres in King & Queen Co VA "Beg. near the Draggon Swamp; along land granted to Thomas CLAYBORNE, now belonging to Mr. Christopher LEWIS, &c. Granted to Domingo MADERES & James JOHNSON, 8 Apr 1668, deserted, & now granted by order, &c.
Land Books of Virginia Book 9, p. 556:
October 23, 1703. Zachary Lewis. 450 acres in King William County, Virginia.
Power of Attorney--Sarah Shackelford to Mr. Zachary Lewis Sr. that he "appear for me at the Essex [Co.] Court and Relinquish my right of Dower of 150 Acres of Land which my husband Francis Shackelford sold to John Shackelford and you will oblige your loveing sister." Signed Sarah X Shackelford on 10 Mar 1706/07. Gloucester County.
The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 17, no. 4, p. 266:
Will of William Bird (1678/9-1715) of St. Stephens Parish, of King and Queen Co.
Wife and exectrix: Frances Bird. Executor: Zachary Lewis
My land in King William Co. to be sold. Land which was Hurley Mordit's to be sold.
Wit: William Southerland, Luke Curtis, Thomas Wasley
(Signed) Oct 26, 1715. W. Bird; Proved: Sept. 24, 1716.
Teste: CC Thacker, Cl. Court. Copy Teste: Thomas W. Todd, D.C.C.

Essex County, Virginia, Records, 1717-1722, pages 63-66;:
15 May 1719. Joseph Anderson and Zachary Lewis are witnesses in South Farnham Parish to sale of land.


    1. Zachary Lewis II b. 6/1/1702 King & Queen Co VA

    2. Elizabeth Lewis (Twin)

Spotsylvania Co VA Deed Book E, p. 202:
March 19, 1756. Zachary Lewis of Spts. Co., of the first part; Richard Shackleford of same co. and Mary, his wife, of the second part; and Mary Shackleford, dau. of James Shackleford of the same county, of the third part.
Whereas, Zachary Lewis, by letter dated May 29, 1755, did give to Mary, daughter of sd. James Shackleford, and Elizabeth, his wife, sister of the sd. Zachary; sd. Zachary now deeds the sd. negro to the sd. Richd. Shackleford and Mary, his wife, for the use of the sd. Mary, dau. of James; the third party to these presents.
Witnesses, Z. Lewis, Junr.; Waller Lewis, Betty Lewis, Dorothea Lewis. Augt. 3, 1756.

    3. John Lewis (Twin) b. 1704 King & Queen Co VA

    4. Jane Lewis

GEORGE, Jane, widow of Robert George, dec'd of Caroline Co., Va, d. Sep 27, 1774, p. Oct 19, 1775.
Leg. Mary Lewis, my brother Zachary Lewis's widow, and Mary Littlepage, daughter of Betty [Lewis Littlepage] Halloday. The children of my sister, Elizabeth Shackleford, viz: Lewis Shackleford, Mary Payton, John Shackleford and Zachary Shackleford. Also mentions Reuben Long of Caroline Co., relationship not stated. (pg 133) 
Wit. J. Lewis, Z. Lewis. Ex. Lewis Shackleford and John Shackleford.

    5. Susannah Lewis

Spotsylvania Co VA Wills:
COLLINS, JOSEPH, Spotsylvania Co., d. Aug. , 1757, p. Nov. 1, 1757.
Leg. granddaughter, Amey Collins; wife, Susannah Collins, to have estate real and personal, during her widowhood, at re-marriage, to be sold at auction and the money arising from the sale to be divided among sons James, William, Thomas, Lewis Collins, and daughters Ann Wisdom, Mary Brockman, Susannah Golson, Tabitha Gatewood, Drucilla Cook and Caty Glass.
Ex. sons, John, James, William, Thomas and Lewis Collins.
Wit. Joseph Brock, Bobert Gains, Richard Long.(Page 329)

Spotsylvania Co Deed Book E:
November 13, 1760. William Collins, Thomas Collins, and Lewis Collins, sons of Joseph Collins, dec'd. to John Collins Sr. all right and interest of land by said William Collins, Thomas Collins, and Lewis Collins in estate of Joseph Collins after death or remarriage of his relect, Susanna Collins. Witness: Zachary Lewis, Jr., Zachary Lewis III, Lewis Collins, Waller Lewis, Elijah Garton, and George Perry. 
1767: In Orange County, Order Book 7, p. 437, June 25, 1767. Susanna Collins v. Timothy Burgess, on petition, judgment that plaintiff to receive 27.7.2 with interest from May 1, 1764.

July 4, 1768. Spotsylvania, Virginia County Records, p. 262:
1768: Whereas by the will of my late husband, Joseph Collins, he lends to me during life or widowhood all estate both real and personal and after my marriage or decease to be disposed of as by the said will directed, etc. Having formerly given consent to sale of lands, etc. on June 3, 1765, I do hereby now give consent to sale of personal effects, etc., the money arising from such sale to be divided amongst all my children, etc.
Signed: Susanna Collins. Witnesses: Richard Thomas, Reubin Daniel, Vivion Daniel, Thomas Merry.

Generation #2


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