Descendants of William Maloney
of County Laois, Ireland

County Laois

Generation #1

William Maloney of County Laois, Ireland

William Maloney was born about 1790 in County Laois, Ireland. William married an unknown spouse in about 1810 in County Laois, Ireland. Nothing more is known of William. However, his family did survive the Great Famine.

William's three known sons, Michael, William and Andrew, immigrated from Ireland, eventually settling in Iowa, and remained in contact with each other. From biographies and dates of birth, we come to understand that the Maloney Family immigrated to America in stages:

1. Reportedly, son Andrew was the first, arriving in America in 1836 aged 17. In a biographical sketch, Andrew is cited having lived in southern and eastern states prior to migrating to Crawford Co IA by 1861. This information is reasonable; as Andrew is found in 1854 in Kentucky where he was married. 

2. Son Michael came next, arriving in America in about 1852, probably at New Orleans. Michael migrated by 1853 to Indiana where he was married. Then, he migrated by 1859 to Douglas Co IL. And lastly. migrated by 1865 to Crawford Co IA, meeting up with brother Andrew.

3. Son William immigrated last, sometime before 5/1866. Does William's immigration mark the death of their parents back in Ireland? William and family traveled with another Immigrant Irish family from port of entry by railroad to Eddyville, Iowa, then by the old stage line to Mt. Ayr, Iowa. How rich were they? History states that It took two stagecoaches to haul the ten people and their luggage.

The Maloney family's migration is a wonderful example of chain migration. For Andrew, the voyage and subsequent travel westward in America would have been arduous at best. And, would have taken significant time and effort. For son Michael, the voyage would have been unpleasant but migration westward would have been less arduous; as new roads would have facilitated overland travel. For William, life was good. Passenger transatlantic traffic was becoming comfortable and cross-country travel by rail was easy and convenient. The hardest part of this transatlantic and transcontinental journey would have been the 100+ mile trip by stage-coach from Eddyville to Mt. Ayr, Iowa.

William and his wife are believed to have died before 1866 in County Laois, Ireland.


    1. Michael Maloney b. 1811 Montraith, County Laois, Ireland

    2. William Maloney b. 1816 Mont Mellick. County Laois, Ireland

    3. Andrew Maloney

1882 Denison Biographies
A. D. Molony,
county auditor, was born in Queens (Laois) county, Ireland, in 1818; came to the U. S. in 1836; was a resident of the eastern and southern states until 1861, when he came to Crawford county. He was appointed auditor in Apr., 1861, and elected to that office in the autumn. and has held the office ever since. He married Bridget Shaaran, a native of Ireland, and has four children.

1870 Federal Census: Crawford Co IA; Denison Twp
DW#  FM#  Last    First      Age  Sex R  Occup.  POB
60   58   Molony  Andrew     53   M   W  Auditor Ireland
                  Bridget    40   F   W          Kentucky
                  Judith E.  14   F   W          "
                  Mary A.    12   F   W          "
                  Catherine  10   F   W          "
                  Margaret    8   F   W          Iowa
                  Marsha B.   2   F   W          "
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Andrew MOLONY   Self   M   Male   W   60   IRE   Co Auditor   IRE   IRE 
 Bridget MOLONY   Wife   M   Female   W   45   IRE   Keeping House   IRE   IRE 
 Mary MOLONY   Dau   S   Female   W   23   KY   School Teacher   IRE   IRE 
 Kate MOLONY   Dau   S   Female   W   20   KY   School Teacher   IRE   IRE 
 Mattie MOLONY   Dau   S   Female   W   11   IA      IRE   IRE 
 Catharine MOLONY   Other   S   Female   W   21   IL   Servant   IRE   IRE 

Generation #2


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