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1.    "Finding Walden"

According to family history, Walden Lewis and his brother Taverner are the sons of John Lewis of Spotsylvania Co VA. There is yDNA evidence which links Walden to brother Taverner and other Lewis families who lived in Caroline and Louisa counties in Virginia in the 1750s.

Walden and Taverner are first found together at Ft. Southwest Point TN on 7/5/1802 where they each obtained a passport through the Cherokee Nation to Georgia. Walden and Taverner are next found side-by-side in the 1809 Morgan Co GA Tax List.

Walden migrated to Greene Co MS by 1816, and later moved to Wayne Co MS. Walden is last cited in the 1840 Jasper Co MS Census at the family home. Walden died c. 1843 at Hickory Grove, Jasper Co MS.  In his will, probated 1/17/1855, Walden named his wife and children.

Taverner migrated before 1818 to Pike Co MS and is found in the 1820 Pike Co MS Census. Taverner is not found again; as the 1830 Pike Co MS census is missing. Taverner is believed to have died in 1837 at the home of one of his sons in Copiah Co MS.

2.    "The Mississippi Conundrum"

Old Sam Lee of Wayne Co MS, descendant of the Lees of Robeson Co NC, is found in Mississippi by 1813 where his children were born. And in the many subsequent censuses, tens of Lee men are found having migrated to southern Mississippi. yDNA proves most of these Lee men are descendants of John Lee of Nansemond [JLN].

The task is to unravel the records for the many Lees, working upwards to connect to the many branches of the Lee family.
Note: To date, I have only been able to unravel the descendants of brothers Zachariah and Jesse Lee of Robeson Co NC:

Zachariah Lee
Born c. 1745 Edgecombe Co NC
Married Lucy Farmer
Migrated by 1779 to Bladen Co NC
Died after 11/1784 Bladen Co NC

Jesse Lee s/o Zachariah Lee
Born 1767 Edgecombe Co NC
Married Nancy Lewis
Migrated by 9/1818 to Wayne Co MS
Migrated before 1820 to Marion Co MS
Died 9/6/1859 Marion Co MS

Everett Lee s/o Zachariah Lee
Born c. 1770 Edgecombe Co NC
Married Charlotte Madison
Migrated by 1808 to Claiborne Co MS
1816 Marion Co MS Census: Averit Lea
Died c. 1829 Marion Co MS

Samuel Lee, Sr. s/o Zachariah Lee
Born c. 1772 Edgecombe Co NC
Married Sarah Slay
Migrated before 1813 to Wayne Co MS
Migrated by 1840 to Catahoula Par LA
Died after 2/1845 Catahoula (now Winn) Parish LA
William Lee s/o Zachariah Lee
Born c. 1775 Edgecombe Co NC
Married Susannah LNU
Migrated before 1830 to Marion Co MS
Died after 1830 Marion Co MS
Jesse Lee, Sr.
Born 1735 Bertie Co NC
Married Elizabeth LNU
Migrated by 2/1778 to Bladen Co NC
Died after 5/1806 Robeson Co NC

General Benjamin Lee
Born 1774 Bladen Co NC
Married Charity Pope
Migrated before 9/1818 to Marion Co MS
Died 12/27/1828 Marion Co MS

Stephen Lee s/o Jesse Lee
Born 1769 Bladen Co NC
Married Sarah Phillips
Migrated 1808 to Marion Co MS
Migrated c. 1831 to Hinds Co MS
Died 10/1834 Hinds Co MS
Jesse Lee, Jr. s/o Jesse Lee
Born c. 1768 Bladen Co NC
Married Traecy Hester
Died after 6/1815 Roberson Co NC
Sarah Lee m. Jacob Pope
-Migrated to Marion Co MS
Mary Keziah Lee m. Willis Everett Loe
-Migrated to Marion Co MS
Benjamin Lee g/s of Jesse Lee
Born 1800 Robeson Co NC
Married Susan Blount
Migrated c. 1836 to Choctaw Co MS
Migrated c. 1852 to Wood Co TX
Died 11/29/1856 Wood Co TX



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