Descendants of Lewis ap David of Cardiganshire, Wales

Generation #5

Note: Information on the Lewis Family before Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 in Virginia comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes.

John (4William, 3James, 2James, 1James) Lewis (Oral History)

There were at least three John Lewises of Spotsylvania Co VA. And, all were married to a Mary Lewis.

    1. John Augustine Lewis, son of Fielding Lewis, owned land on the Massaponax. He married five times, including Mary Ann Fontaine Lewis, whose death was reported on 4/9/1799 in the Virginia Herald. This John Lewis migrated to Lincoln Co KY.

    2. John Lewis, son of Zachary Lewis II married Ann Lewis. She is a descendant of the Lewises of Warner Hall. This John died 9/12/1780.

    3. Our John Lewis married a woman named Mary, not Mary Ann, and his brothers married into the Herndon and Richards families. Differentiation is made by a) accepting records which include John Lewis, Mary Lewis, and the Herndon and Richards families b) rejecting records which include John Lewis, Mary Ann Lewis, and Zachary Lewis and c) analyzing records for John and Mary dated from 1787 to 1793.

John Lewis of Fredericksburg VA was born 1749 in Spotsylvania Co VA and is first mentioned in his father's will dated 1763. In about 1770, John married Mary Sparks b. c. 1750 Spotsylvania Co VA. John and Mary are believed to be the parents of Walden and Taverner Lewis who migrated through Georgia to Mississippi.

John born 1749. Went to the Teri. of Ga., Ala., & Miss. Married twice. Had children by both wives.

Nell McCurdy Lewis, 6/1978
Willis Lewis Family

Proof of the family's origin in Virginia comes from records for son, Walden Lewis.

Walden Lewis of Virginia was born about 1774, probably in Fredericksburg VA. Evidence of Walden's place of birth as Virginia is found with daughter Mary Parker in the 1880 Jasper Co MS Census and in the biography of great-grandson Milton Alexander Lewis (s/o Alexander Lewis s/o Willis Lewis s/o Walden Lewis). Milton Alexander Lewis served in the Mississippi Legislature in 1908, representing Jasper County. The Mississippi Legislative biographical record states, "His paternal ancestors came from Virginia to Georgia in the early part of the last century; his great-grandfather, Walden Lewis, fought in the Indian Wars." Proof is found in an 1809 Georgia State Record which shows Walden Lewis, Gentleman, was appointed as Lieutenant in the Georgia Militia and an 1814 record for a Lieutenant Lewis of the Company of Spies.

In the previous passage, sticking out like a sore thumb, we read the plural "ancestors." This would indicate that at least two generations made the arduous trek to Georgia. As Walden's first son Willis was born in Georgia, this means that Walden and his father were the trekkers.

Back in Virginia, John's father, William, held lots in the city of Fredericksburg and operated an Ordinary. In 8/17/87 John divested himself of several lots including those from William. In 12/1787 John sold land near Fredericksburg to brother William.

In 4/1795 John sold lands south of the Rapidan to 

In about 1802, the family migrated to Georgia and is documented in the 1802 Cherokee Passport Lists for sons Walden and Taverner. Traveling from Ft Southwest Point TN by 1802, Walden and Taverner would have migrated by way of the Unicoi Trail through the Cherokee Nation and over the Appalachians, down to Georgia. Did Walden and Taverner write back to Virginia and coax their father, John, to migrate down to Georgia? John could have migrated by way of the much easier Great Wagon Road, climbing up to the Carolina Piedmont and eventually descending to the Savannah River at Ft Augusta GA. 

John is documented in the 1805 Land Lottery for Greene Co GA along with those two sons. Possibly, John also migrated to Mississippi. But, John is last found documented in 1814 in Putnam Co GA.

Crozier. Spotsylvania Co VA Records:
Sept. 13, 1775. Alexander Spotswood. Esq. to Churchill Jones. Lease. 262 a.. in the St. George Par. Spots. co. on s. side Rapidan River, part of a tract of 40,000 a. left the sd. Alexander Spotswood by his grandfather, etc. for 13 2s. yearly. Signed: Churchill Jones, Wm. Jones, and Betty Jones. Wit: Will Standard, John Lewis, Jas. Sommers, Jno. Rose. Sept 21. 1775.
Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800, p. 409:
Augt. 3, 1787. John Lewis of Fredksbg. to Wm. Stanard of Spots. Co. To indemnify the sd. Stanard who stands security for the sd. Lewis, the sd. Lewis deed the sd. Stanard, Lots 67, 68, 103, 104, 105, and 106 in town of Fredkdbg. etc., etc. Thos. Towles, P. Temple, Jno. Smith, Jr. Sept. 4, 1787.
Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800, p. 412:
Decr. 4, 1787. Joseph Brock and John Lewis of Spots. Co. Court Commissioners. . . .
Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800, p. 412:
Decr. 4, 1787. Jno. Lewis and Mary, his wife, of Fredksbg.  to Wm. Lewis of same town. 250. Tract of land in Spots. Co. near town of Fredksbg. etc., etc. Eleazer Callender, Wm. Waddle, James Dix, French Gray. Decr. 4, 1787.
Council Minutes, City of Fredericksburg VA:
At a Common council held for the Town & Corporation of Fredg. on Monday March 17th 1788:
1788 March By John Lewis for the rent one Room below the M. House 3 0 0.
Crozier. Spotsylvania Co VA Records:
Novr. 21, 1791. John Lewis of Spots. co. to William Fontaine of Hanover co. and John Spotswood of Orange co., exec. of Bowles Armistead, dec'd. to indemnify them. Wit: Will Frazier, R. Frazier dtd Janry 6, 1795.
Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800, p. 476:
April 7, 1795. Jno. Lewis and Mary, his wife, of Spots. Co., to William Richards of Culpepper Co. 600. 15 a. on Rappk. River, Spots. Co., etc., etc. No witnesses.
Last Name First Name White males above 16 Horses, Mares, Mules & Colts Phaetons & Stage Wagons Amount of Tax
Lewis John 1   1 $4.43
Lewis William 1      
Lewis James 1 3 1 $5.05
1805 Georgia Land Lottery Persons Entitled to Draws:
John Lewis Senr. (2)
Tavner Lewis (1)
Walden Lewis (1)
Will of JACOB TURKINETT, SR. of Putnam, :11/71/1814, p. 38 40
Son: Henry Turkinett, $2...son Jacob Turkinett, Jr., $2...dau. Mary Brann, $2...and I hereby do
exclude them forever my forenamed children having provided for dau. Catey Clap
$200...son George Turkinett $200... bel wife Barbara Turkinett lend $200 or whatever 1/2 of my
Est. left and whatever remains after her decease to son George and dau. Mary Clap. James Epey
and William D. Lane, Esq's. of this County, Sole Exrs. Wits: Feilding Selman., Henry Howard
and John Lewis. Pro. in Open Ct. 7 Nov. 1814.
The Lewis Family Naming Pattern serves as a guide. (Usually)

The firstborn son is named after the paternal grandfather. The second-born son is named after the mother's family. In Generation 7, John Anderson Lewis' paternal grandfather should have been and was John Lewis, and Willis Lewis's maternal grandmother should have been and was a Willis. (But, their birth order is reversed.)

If Walden was the second born in Generation 6, Walden should be a name in his mother's family. In about 1770, Aunt Sarah Sparks married Alexander Walden. Was Walden named for his uncle, Alexander? Beginning with Walden Lewis b. c. 1774, the first name Walden is continued in our Lewis family until this day.

Taverner was a title, not necessarily a name of the time, and is quite rare. Oral history states that the Lewis Line descends from William Lewis and Sarah Branham. Evidence comes in part from Sarah Branham's uncle, Taverner Branham b. 1739 Richmond Co VA and Tavenor Walden, son of Alexander Walden, Sr. Reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that Taverner Lewis was named for his paternal great-uncle. And, the descendants of Taverner Lewis of Copiah Co MS are a perfect yDNA match to the family of Walden Lewis.

Lewis Records in Georgia

Morgan Co GA Tax Lists

1809 1810 1811 1812
Lewis, Pierce    4
Lewis, George   26
Lewis, William  30
Lewis, Waldin   32
Lewis, Tabner   32
Lewis, Garnes   18
Lewis, George   28
Lewis, Pierce    2
Lewis, William  24
Lewis, George   32
Lewis, Pearce    6
Lewis, Walden   24
Lewis, William  36
Lewis, George   32
Lewis, William  32


    1. William Lewis

    2. Willis Lewis

Bullock Co GA Will Book B, pp104 &105:
20 May 1822. Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Willis Lewis, Dec'd.
Admix Mary Ann Lewis. 
Appraisers: R. L. Stanaland, William Groover, Sr., Pugh Pollard, John Groover, Sr..

    3. Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 Spotsylvania Co VA

    4. Taverner Lewis b. c. 1775 Spotsylvania Co VA

    5. Stephen Lewis

Jackson Co GA Marriage Records
Lewis, Stephen 
Watkins, Milley  1807/ ? /24

    6. Thomas Lewis

Males Born After


Lewis Females Born After # Lewis
45+       45+      
25-44 1775 1 Thomas 25-44 1775 1 Julia
18-25 1795     16-25 1795 1  
16-18 1802    
10-15 1805 1   10-15 1805    
to 10 1810 2   to 10 1810 2  

Generation #6


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