Descendants of Heinrich Wiese
of Schleswig-Holstein

Grand Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein

Generation #5

Heinrich "Henry" (4James, 3Joachim, 2Heinrich, 1Heinrich) Wiese of Davenport IA

Heinrich "Henry" Wiese was born 1/25/1837 Bendfeld, Duchy of Holstein.

Research Note: The following is an attempt to document Wiese/ Stamer oral history which was told to me by my mother-in-law, Marion Stamer Mullin. The story started with an artifact which Marion received from her mother. This particular artifact could be either Prussian or German Army. Previously, it was presumed that it came from her Grandfather. But, new information leads to the belief that it was a memento from her father, Wilhelm Fritz Stamer.

The greatest threat to Henry during his early years while growing up was whether or not he was going to be conscripted by whichever army was occupying Holstein at the time. Prior to 1848, young men were conscripted into the Danish Army. And, those same young men wound up fighting with the ill-fated Schleswig-Holstein Army during the Schleswig-Holstein War (1848-1851). Having lost the war, the Danish Army returned to Holstein.

The story goes that in about 1852, Henry had his turn in the Danish Army. And, there is circumstantial evidence which indicates James, his father, may have served in the Schleswig-Holstein Army during the war. Needless to say, Henry and James would have related their experiences to young Claus. So by 1856 when the Danish Army came around again, young Claus ran away, immigrating to America right behind his Uncle Claus.

The Wiese family was part of an ethnic German migration stream named for the year of its inception: 1848. And, the 48ers were to become the largest ethnic minority in the American Mid-West. [The 48ers and Social Revolution]

Henry immigrated at age 21 with his family aboard the Sir Isaac Newton in 11/1857. After arriving at New Orleans on 6/7/1858, the family traveled up the Mississippi River by steamboat to Davenport IA, settling in Clinton Co IA.

On 3/14/1867 in Davenport IA, Henry married Margaretha Gretje Arp b. 7/10/1842 Prasdorf, Duchy of Holstein. Henry and Margaretha farmed out in the German community of Probstei in Scott Co IA, raising six children.

In the History of Davenport and Scott County Iowa,  Downer relates that in the late 1800s, not only were 50% of the population ethnic German, but 25% of the population had been born in Germany. Having become a very successful farmer, Henry retired early, purchasing a home in Davenport. This particular neighborhood was known as Nordwest. Located nearby were German speaking churches, the Turner Hall, and German stores. In truth, you could live in Nordwest without having to speak English, and many did not.

Henry was a generous father. Before Henry retired, he purchased a farm for each of the older boys--Herman in Lyon Co IA; Gustav in Linn Co IA; Julius in Scott Co IA; Adolf in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan; Rudolph in Scott Co IA--and left the original family farm to young Hugo. And, Henry bought a home on Marquette Street in Davenport where he lived with daughter Dora who was to receive the home as her inheritance.

Henry and Margretha lived out their lives on Marquette Street in Davenport. Margaretha died in 1915, not  long after her daughter Dora was married. Henry died 7/31/1920 at home. Henry and Margaretha are buried in Pine Hill Cemetery, Davenport IA.

Margretha Wiese
Nee Arp
Heinrich Wiese
Sir Isaac Newton, flying the Hamburg flag
Master H. H. Paap
Departed 4/9/1758 from Hamburg
Arrived 6/7/1858 at New Orleans
1860 Scott County IA Census: Winfield Twp
DW#  FM#  Last  First  Age  S  R  Occup.       POB
298 300  Wiese  Henry  21   M  W  (unreadable) Holstein
1870 Scott County IA Census: Davenport Twp
DW#  FM#  Last    First       Age  S  R  Occup.  POB
14   12   Wiese   Heinrich    30   M  W  Farmer  Holstein
                  Margaretha  25   F  W  Farmer  "
                  Hermann     2    M  W          Iowa
          Albert  Wilhelm     11   M  W          "
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Heinrich WIESE   Self   M   Male   W   41   HOLSTEIN   Farmer   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Margareth WIESE   Wife   M   Female   W   37   HOLSTEIN   Keeping House   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Herman WIESE   Son   S   Male   W   12   IA   At School   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Gustav WIESE   Son   S   Male   W   9   IA   At School   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Julius WIESE   Son   S   Male   W   7   IA   At School   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Adolf WIESE   Son   S   Male   W   5   IA   At School   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Rudolf WIESE   Son   S   Male   W   3   IA   At Home   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
 Dora WIESE   Dau   S   Female   W   10M   IA   At Home   HOLSTEIN   HOLSTEIN 
1900 Federal Census: Scott County, Iowa
                                               Dad  Mom
DW# FM   Last   First    Rel     Sex Age  POB  POB  POB
111 112  Wise   Henry    Head    M   62   Ger  Ger  Ger
                Margret  Wife    F   55   Ger  Ger  Ger
                Julius   Son     M   26   IA   Ger  Ger
                Dora     Dau     F   19   IA   Ger  Ger
                Hugo     Son     M   16   IA   Ger  Ger
         Hehnke Chas     Boarder M   17   IA   Ger  Ger
1910 Federal Census: Scott County, Iowa
                                               Dad  Mom
DW# FM   Last   First      Rel   Sex Age  POB  POB  POB  Occup.
174 174  Wiese  Henry      Head  M   72   Ger  Ger  Ger  Farmer
                Margarette Wife  F   65   Ger  Ger  Ger  None
                Otto       Son   M   35   IA   Ger  Ger  Farm Manager
                Dora       Dau   F   25   IA   Ger  Ger  Housekeeper
                Hugo       Son   M   23   IA   Ger  Ger  Farm Laborer
1920 Federal Census: Scott County, Iowa
Note: Census shows German spoken in the home.     Dad  Mom
FM   Last    First     Rel         Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
141  Stamer  Wilhelm   Head        M    35   Ger  Ger  Ger  Gardener
             Dora      Wife        F    40   IA   IA   IA
             Margaret  Dau         F    6    IA   Ger  IA
             Marion    Dau         F    4    IA   Ger  IA
             Martha    Dau         F    2    IA   Ger  IA
             Edward    Son         M    1    IA   Ger  IA
     Wiese   Henry     Father/Law  M    83   IA   IA   IA


    1. Herman Wiese

    2. Gustav Wiese

    3. Julius Wiese

    4. Adolf "Otto" Wiese

    5. Rudolph Wiese

    6. Dorothea "Dora" Wiese b. 7/18/1879 Scott Co IA

    7. Hugo Wiese

Generation #6


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