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Cornelis Janszen

Generation #1

Cornelis Janszen of New Amsterdam (Conjecture)

The possibility that Cornelis Janszen was the father of Engeltje Cornelis comes from circumstantial evidence. Cornelis Jansen and wife were the sponsors for Daniel DeVoor's first child's christening, establishing a relationship with Daniel DeVoor. And, Daniel and his daughter were named in Cornelis' will. After being widowed, Daniel DeVoor married the daughter of Cornelis Jansen.

Cornelis Janszen was born in 1645 in Beesd, the Dutch Republic. Reportedly, Cornelis immigrated in 1663 to New Amsterdam, Dutch America. Althoug only 18, Cornelis was evidently up to the challenge of starting a new life in the New World all on his own. But, he would need a wife.

In 1664, New Amsterdam and all of Dutch America was captured by and English fleet sent by the Duke of York. The English would soon become the administrators of the colony with their English language and customs. And, absorption by the English colony was probably not too painful for the townies of Manhattan as opposed to their rural Dutch cousins of the Esopus Valley.

On 11/08/1665 in the new English Colony of New York, Cornelis married Metje Bastiaens b. c. 1642 Werckhoven, the Dutch Republic.

Cornelis Jansen was part of the late Kortright family of Holland.
Born in 1645, at Beesd in Gelderland, he came out with his father, Jan Bastisensen in 1663.
And in 1665, married Mettje, daughter of Bastiansen Elyessen, and widow of Claes Teunisz van Appeldorn.
Mettje was a lady who, after Jansen's early death in 1669, proved her ability both to manage his business and enhance his estate, the use of which, under his will dated Feb. 25, of said year (but not proved till Mar. 18, 1706), she was to enjoy till her death or remarriage.
Having been a soldier, Cornelis gave his eldest son Johannes "the best horse, and the best saddle and the best boots, and the best pistols, and holsters, and carbine and cutlass." He also left him, over and above his share of the estate, "the lot of land at Jochem Pieters, to wit, the lot by the great gate." This was No. 3 of the old lots (afterward Sickels'), and the gate must have stood at the upper corner of the Church Farm, where the road going north to Myer's narrowed from 4 to 3 rods, as finally fixed by vote of the town in 1744.

This section and other information excerpted from:

    Cornelis Jansen Kortright, Genealogical Webpage  <> 01 November 2014.


Cornelis spent his life in Harlem, holding the positions of Constable, Overseer, Commissioner of the Town Court, and Captain of the Night Watch. He was an ancestor of the highly esteemed Harlem branch of the Kortright Family and was the great-great-grandfather of Elizabeth Kortright, wife of Pres. James Monroe. Cornelis died after 2/1689 in Manhattan NY.

Marriage Records of New Amsterdam:
1665 08 Nov; Cornelis Janszen, van Brest; Metje Bastiaenszen Werckhoven, wid Claes Theuniszen
A notable transaction was Nicholas De Meyer's sale 9/25/1669, of the two farms embraced in his patent, to the brothers Cornelis and Laurens Jansen, the first of whom being the ancestor of the Kortright family, or that branch afterwards known for its large landed possessions, of which this purchase formed the nucleus.
The removal of Verveelen having left the village (Harlem) without an ordinary keeper, Cornelis Jansen [Kortright], who was well liked in the town, and afterwards enjoyed various public trusts, was admitted 6/2/1670, to keep the ordinary on the usual conditions--to make suitable provisions for travelers, and not to sell any liquor to the Indians; he thereupon accepted the oath.
Cornelis and Laurens Jansen, having for a year worked the farm bought in partnership of Mr. De Meyer, agreed to part, as Laurens was about to lease the farm of Lubbert Gerritsen. The parties met for the purpose, 10/24/1670, and contracts were partly drawn, when they failed to agree. Cornelis having taken the De Meyer farm, Laurens on 5/5/1671, gave him a lease of his part for 4 years, at the yearly rental of 400 guilders in grain. Their father, Jan Bastiaensen, and Bastiaen Eleyessen, the father-in-law of Cornelis, were present and subscribed this agreement.
Cornelis Jansen [Kortright] was constable in 1672, overseer in 1674, and 1681, and commissioner of the town court 2/2/1686 and 11/1/1687.
Cornelis Jansen [ Kortright] was admitted to church membership at New Amsterdam, 3/1/1673.
On 11/7/1673, by a majority of votes cast by the town, Cornelis Jansen [ Kortright] was chosen and confirmed Captain of the Night Watch, consisting of four companies or corporalships, as some of the English exasperated at the recovery of the country by the Dutch, began to make trouble.
On 2/6/1675, the Jansens, Cornelis and Laurens, completed a division of the lands bought of De Meyer, Cornelis taking the farm on Montagne's Flat; lots 18, Jochem Pieters, and 15, Van Keulen's Hook, and the two out-gardens.
Laurens took lot 2, Jochem Pieter's and lot 6, Van Keulen's Hook, with the two erven, and also the orchard occupying two north hardens.
An event locally interesting was Cornelis Jansen's removal to his land on Montagne's Flat, since known as the Nutter Farm On 4/30/1684, he engaged Adrianus Westerhout to build him a house there, 22 by 36 feet, to be ready in 6 weeks, for which he agreed to pay 800 guilders in fat cattle, wheat and rye. Here Jansen established the famous tavern and stopping place, commonly called the Half-way House, and which continued to be kept after his death in 1689, by his widow.

Reformed Dutch Church, New York  NY: 9/21/1687

Parents Child Sponsors
Daniel Devoor
Hanna Frans
Metje Cornelis Janszen
Metje Bastiaenszen
Abstracts of New York City Wills Vol I 1665-1707, p. 301:
On this day, being the 25 of February, 1689, appeared before me Jan Tibout, Clerk, admitted by the Mayors Court and residing in the town of New Harlem, and in the presence of the witnesses hereafter named. The worthy Cornelis Jansen, sick in body, lying on his bed, but in the full exercise and use of his understanding. He appoints after his decease, his lawful wife Meetye Bastianse, the guardian over all his estate until she shall marry, and then she shall be bound to give to her eldest son, Jan Cornelisen, preferable to the others, the lot of land at Jochem Pietersens, to wit, the lot by the great gate. Also the best horse, the best saddle, and the best boots, and the best pistols and holsters, and carbine, and then he shall share with the other brothers and sisters. And Daniel Devoor is to have a cow for his daughter, Meetie Daniels, when she is of age. And Jan Cornelis is to have a cutlass with his share of goods.
This passed in the presence of Adolph Meyer, Constable, Johanes Cornelis, overseer, and Jacob Turneur, in my presence.
Jan Tibout, Clerk.
Proved, March 18, 1705/6.


    1. Aefje Cornelis

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY: 5/30/1666

Parents Child Sponsors
Cornelis Janszen
Metie Bastiaens
Aefje Evert Aertszen
Annetie Bastiaens

    2. Annetje Cornelis

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY:
1693. Jan Webbe(r), ym; 
Annetje Cornelis
, wid, from the French Church at Kinkachgemeck in Bergen County.

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY: 7/25/1696

Parents Child Sponsors
Daniel Duvoort
Engeltje Cornelis
Cornelis Johnannes Cornelis
Annetje Cornelis

    3. Engeltje Cornelis b. c. 1669 Manhattan NY

    4. Johannes Cornelis [Kortright]

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY: 4/24/1673

Parents Child Sponsors
Cornelis Janszen
Metje Bastiaens
Johannes Daniel ter Neur
and his wife

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY: 7/25/1696

Parents Child Sponsors
Daniel Duvoort
Engeltje Cornelis
Cornelis Johnannes Cornelis
Annetje Cornelis

    5. Hendrickje Cornelis

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY: 4/17/1698

Parents Child Sponsors
Daniel Devoor
Engeltje Cornelis
Hendrick Albert Lourense
Hendrikje Cornelise

    6. Maria Cornelis

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY: 4/2/1679

Parents Child Sponsors
Cornelis Janszen
Metje Bastiaens
Maria Laurens Janszen
Maria Bastiaens

    7. Laurens Cornelis

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY: 8/20/1681

Parents Child Sponsors
Cornelis Janszen
Metie Bastiaenszen
Laurens Jan Nagel
Rebecca Waldron

    8. Mathys Cornelis

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY: 2/8/1710

Parents Child Sponsors
Daniel in de Voor
Engeltje Cornelus
Matheus Mathys Cornelusse
Saartje Hooglandt

    9. Saratje Cornelis

Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY: 3/25/1705

Parents Child Sponsors
Daniel de Voor
Engeltje Cornelis
Daniel Abraham Metselaar
Saratje Cornelisse jd
Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan NY:
1707 15 May; Jacob Mattheeus, ym, fr Bergen;
Sara Cornelis, yd, fr N. Haerlem

Generation #2


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