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Generation #2

Elias Hughes was born on the South Branch of the Potomac river, in what is now Hardy county, West Virginia, in 1757, and with his parents and the rest of the family, removed to Harrison county in the early seventies.

He, too, served under the command of General Lewis at the battle of Point Pleasant and was one of the last survivors of this desperate conflict.

He had been born and reared in the midst of savage warfare, and his father and a young lady whom he ardently admired having been killed by the ruthless hand of the dusky foe, he vowed vengeance on the race, and the return to peace did not serve to mitigate his intense hatred. [Hughes Note]

Elias (1Thomas) Hughes of Licking Co OH

Elias Hughes was born 1757 in Hampshire (now Hardy Co) (W) VA. Just prior to Elias' birth, the Hughes family had migrated from Albemarle County west up the Fluvanna River Valley and into the Alleghenies, working north up the Great Wagon Road in the Shenandoah Valley to Broadway VA. There the family picked up the North Fork of the Shenandoah into the Lost River Valley, settling on what was then the Cacapon River, Hampshire County of Old Virginia. Today, we can find the property by researching Lost River, Hardy Co (W) VA. And, the family lived south of Wardensville near the confluence with Fravel Run.

In 1772 fifteen year-old Elias traveled with his older brother, Jesse, to scout the frontier in Harrison (now Ritchie Co) (W) VA. Immediately following, the family migrated to Hacker's Creek in what was then Augusta Dist. (now Lewis Co) (W) VA. Here the family lived on the frontier. And, Elias learned the skills of a hunter and scout.

In 1774 Elias went to serve as a scout for the Virginia Militia and is cited as the last surviving soldier who fought at the 10/10/1774 Battle of Point Pleasant. Even into his later years, Elias continued to serve his country as a scout and Militia Officer.

In about 1780 in Monongalia (now Harrison) Co (W) VA, Elias married Jane Sleeth b. 1760 Frederick Co VA. Elias and Jane settled on the family farm where they raised the first twelve of their sixteen children.

In 1797 Elias Hughes and John Radcliff are cited as the first white men to scout the lands which would become Licking Co OH. Elias returned to Harrison Co (W) VA to collect his family and stock, returning to Ohio. And in June 1798, the family migrated west to lands which would become Licking Co OH. In later years, son Jonathan was asked how fast they traveled. Jonathan stated, "As fast as ducks can walk."

This county contains a mixed population; its inhabitants originated from Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, New England, Wales, and Germany.  Among the early settlers were John CHANNEL, Isaac STADDEN, John VAN BUSKIRK, Benjamin GREEN, Samuel PARR, Samuel ELLIOTT, John and Washington EVANS, Geo. ARCHER, John JONES, and many Welsh.  It was first settled, shortly after WAYNE’S treaty of 1795, by John RATLIFF and Ellis HUGHES, in some old Indian corn-fields, about five miles below Newark, on the Licking.  These men were from Western Virginia.  They lived mainly by hunting, raising, however, a little corn, the cultivation of which was left, in a great measure, to their wives.

    "Historical Collections of Ohio," Henry Howe, 1889 <> 27 November 2014.

Research Note: In 1798 there were two primary routes from northwest Virginia to central Ohio.

1. As Elias was one of the first three pioneers into the Hughes River Valley of Ritchie Co (W) VA, it is reasonable to conclude that he took that route from Hacker's Creek west over the hills and then down the Hughes River to its confluence with the Ohio near Parkersburg (W) VA. Then after crossing the Ohio, he simply picked up the Hocking River and headed northwest to its headwaters near Lancaster, Fairfield Co OH.

2. With the construction of Zane's Trace from Wheeling (W) VA to Zanesville in Muskingum Co OH in 1796, I think that Elias took the less arduous route with his wife and children and livestock. Living near the headwaters of the West Fork River, the Hughes family simply began walking downstream to its confluence at Fairmont (W) VA with the Monongahela River then down to the old Indian Trading Post at Brownsville PA. From Brownsville, its an easy trail west to Wheeling (W) VA and the beginning of Zane's Trace.

During the War of 1812, the Ohio Militia was organized to fight the British. Although advanced in years, Elias volunteered his services again. And, he served as a Lieutenant at Ft. Megis near Toledo OH. And, three of his sons are reported to have served with him, with one dying during the siege of the fort.

Jane only lived until 1823, dying in Licking Co OH. Elias lived until 12/22/1844.  Partially blind, Elias lived in the home of his son Jonathan until his death. His funeral was attended by all of the local dignitaries, and Elias was buried with full military honors.

Harrison Co (W) VA Deed Bk 1:
Hughes, Elias & Jane, 1790, p. 300
"                  "  1793, p. 455, 435, 436
Harrison Co (W) VA Deed Bk 2:
Hughes, Elias & Jane, 1796, p. 433
May 5 to May 20, 1813:
Lt. Elias Hughes
Pvt Elias Hughes


    1. John Hughes

    2. Margaret Hughes

    3. Mary Hughes

    4. Susanna Hughes

    5. Job Hughes

    6. Sudna Hughes

    7. Sarah E. Hughes

    8. Katherine Hughes

    9. Thomas Hughes

June 1, 1812 to May 31, 1813:
Corp. Thomas Hughs

    10. Henry Hughes

    11. Jane Hughes

    12. David Hughes

27th United States Infantry, Served In 1813 and 1814:
Pvt David Hughes

    13. Jonathan Hughes

1850 Licking Co OH Census, Washington Twp
HN   FN    Last     First      Age  Sex  Occup.      POB
     1252  Hughes   Jonathan   54   M    Carpenter   VA
                    Lovina     50   F                "
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Johnathan HUGHS   Self   W   Male   W   84   VA   Farmer   VA   PA 
 Harriot J. HUGHS   GDau      Female   W   22   OH   Keeping House   OH   OH 
 Viola C. HUGHS   Other      Female   W   20   OH   Keeping House   OH   OH 

    14. Elias Hughes

May 5 to May 20, 1813:
Lt. Elias Hughes
Pvt Elias Hughes

    15. Mariah Hughes b. c. 1802 Fairfield (now Licking) Co OH

    16. Nancy Elizabeth Hughes

    17. Dinah Hughes

Generation #3


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