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Generation #1

The Hugheses are of Welsh origin. Family tradition tells us that they crossed the deep with the Lowthers and settled in Albemarle county, Virginia [before 1742] ; and that Thomas Hughes removed from there to the South branch of the Potomac river, in what is now Hardy county, and from thence to Harrison county, near the year 1772 or 1773, where he found a home on Hacker's creek. One day during the latter part of April, 1778, while at work in the field, he and Jonathan Lowther were shot down by the stealthy foe. The others who were with them managed in some way to escape injury. [Hughes Note]

Thomas Hughes of Albemarle Co VA

Thomas Hughes was born in about 1717, probably in Wales. According to The History of Ritchie County by Minnie Kendall Lowther, the Hughes Family immigrated in the company of the Lowther family to Albemarle Co VA in about 1738. 

This poses an interesting question. With this early date of immigration to Tidewater Virginia, where did these families land on the Virginia coast, and how did they get to the Virginia frontier? Landing at any port on the James Estuary, the families began walking west up the James River to the Rivanna River to the headwaters of the Fluvanna River to lands in Albemarle Co VA (vic. Charlottesville VA). This was the far western frontier until the settlement of the Shenandoah Valley, just over the Blue Ridge at Staunton VA. [Virginia Migration Map]

In about 1745, probably in Albemarle Co VA, Thomas married an unknown spouse. Reportedly, her name was Mary Susannah Baker. The mother is not well documented; as she died in 1764 before the family migrated to Monongalia (now Lewis) Co (W) VA.

Sometime before 1757 and the birth of son Elias, Thomas and family migrated west up the Fluvanna River Valley and into the Alleghenies, working north up the Great Wagon Road in the Shenandoah Valley to Broadway VA. There the family picked up the North Fork of the Shenandoah into the Lost River Valley, settling on what was then the Cacapon River, Hampshire County of Old Virginia. Today, we can find the property by researching Lost River, Hardy Co (W) VA. And, the family lived south of Wardensville near the confluence with Fravel Run.

According to "A History of Lewis County, West Virginia," in 1769 son Jesse Hughes was the first pioneer to Hackers Creek in what is now Harrison/Lewis Co (W) VA. Subsequent land records for his settlement mention 1770 as the initial date of possession. Evidently, Jesse returned east to civilization at Lost River where he married Grace Tanner in 1771. Shortly thereafter, he and the extended Hughes family dragged up and migrated en masse to Hackers Creek near Jane Lew (W) VA. And in 1772 sons Jesse and Elias are cited along with brother-in-law William Lowther as the first pioneers of what is now Ritchie Co (W) VA.

Research Note: Describing the Hughes sons as pioneers is an understatement. They blazed many a trail on the frontier. When Thomas and family migrated due west to Jane Lew, there were no roads or maps and only a partial trail for a portion of the way which can be documented. The father and extended family just simply followed the boys, trusting their judgment.

Thomas lived in the hinterland where there were many dangers, primarily from Indian attack. In 4/1778 Thomas and a young woman were killed by Indians. This set his sons to serve in the military in defense of the family against Indians and later the British in the War of 1812.


    1. Sudna Hughes

    2. Ann Hughes

    3. Jesse Hughes

    4. Thomas Hughes, Jr.

    5. Job Hughes

    6. Elias Hughes b. 1757 Hampshire Co (W) VA

    7. James Hughes

    8. Martha Hughes

    9. Charles Hughes

Generation #2


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