Descendants of Johann Balthazar Sger
of the Duchy of Hesse (Germany)

Duchy of Hesse (1806 - 1918)

Generation #1

Johann Balthazar Sger of the Duchy of Hesse (Conjecture)

Johann Balthazar Sager was born 2/26/1704 in Hoxhohl, Darmstadt, Duchy of Hesse (Germany). On 5/3/1729 in Klein-Bieberau, Darmstadt, Duchy of Hesse, Johann Balthazar married Anna Elizabeth Keller b. 6/30/1706 Allertshofen, Duchy of Hesse with whom he had at least eight children. But, Anna Elizabeth died.

On 11/14/1747 in Klein-Bieberau, Darmstadt, Duchy of Hesse Johann Balthazar married Barbara Elizabetha Katharina Delp b. 1702 Darmstadt, Duchy of Hesse.

Johann Balthazar is believed to have died 8/2/1783 in Klein-Bieberau, Darmstadt, Duchy of Hesse. However, there is a disconnect. If son, John Sager, was born in Bucks Co PA, how could Johann Balthazar have died in Hesse? Either Johann Balthazar was the immigrant, or son John was born in Hesse and immigrated sometime later along with brothers Johann Peter, Gabriel, Johann Wilhelm, Johann Conrad, and sister Elizabeth. Or, John Sager is not the son of Johann Balthazar Sager. And, this is a distinct possibility.

Another Sager researcher postulates that John might have been the son of Gabriel Sager's wife, Margaret Delp (niece of Barbara Delp). Margaret immigrated with her family 10/24/1754 aboard the Bannister and may have been married prior to Gabriel, and her young son may have been brought into the marriage, acquiring the Sager surname. And, this was an acceptable practice in both the Sager and Barb families.

Palatinate Immigration was primarily a family migration experience. Reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that the Sager Family migrated as a unit to America. However, new evidence shows that this family was actually an example of chain migration:

1. Son Johann Peter Sager was the first. On 8/24/1750 Peter immigrated aboard the Two Brothers to Philadelphia PA
2. Son Gabriel was the second. Gabriel first immigrated 9/24/1754 aboard the Nancy to Philadelphia. However, Gabriel is noted as returning to Europe on at least one occasion. Gabriel first settled in New Jersey and then migrated across the Delaware River to Bucks Co PA.
3. Johann Wilhelm, Johann Conrad and sister Elizabeth Margaretha immigrated 10/21/1761 aboard the Snow Squirrel to Philadelphia PA. 
-Johann Wilhelm and Johann Conrad are found on List C: the signers of the Oath of Abjuration.
-Elizabeth Margaret didn't sign; as she was female.
-John didn't sign; as he was a minor.

Having immigrated to the predominantly ethnic German section of Bucks Co PA, the Sagers were amongst their own people. And, some Sager children began migrating south to Virginia in the 1770s.

    Children with Anna Elizabeth Keller

    1. Johann Peter Sager

Abstract of Wills: Bucks Co PA
Peter Sager
of Richland Twp., Yeoman. April 25, 1770. Proved February 10, 1785. Bro in law John Stouver and Friend Peter Meyer exrs. Wife Barbara. Bros. Gabrael, William and Conrad. Sister Elizabeth Young. Peter son of Gabrael and Peter son of William. Deed to be made to Hermanus Yost for land sold. Wit: Abraham Taylor and Saml. Foulke.

    2. Johann Michael Sager

    3. Gabriel Sager

Gabriel Sayger sold Johann Jacob Barb 200a. along Stony Creek.
Wit: George Weaver
The first Mennonite congregation in Ohio was in Bristol Township of Trumbull County. Here William Sager (1772-1855) of Shenandoah County, Virginia, purchased land in 1802 to be followed by his brother-in-law Abraham Baughman in 1804. In 1805 William Sager and William Barb moved their families to Trumbull County. Since all these families were Mennonite there was enough population to begin a small congregation. The establishment of a congregation apparently took place when in 1808 William Sager's minister father, Gabriel Sager (1734-1816), moved to Trumbull County, Gabriel Sager had emigrated from Germany in 1756, lived in New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, before going to Shenandoah County, Virginia, from whence he removed to Trumbull County in 1808 at the age of seventy-four. Apparently in this year and in this place Sager held religious services in the German language in his home, no meetinghouse being erected. The congregation, however, disbanded with his death in 1816, though Mennonites continued to live in Bristol Township.

Grant M. Stoltzfus, Mennonites of the Ohio and Eastern Conference from the Colonial Period in Pennsylvania to 1968, (Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press, 1969), p. 44.

"Gabriel Sager (1734-1816): Pioneer Ohio Mennonite Preacher," History of Descendants of John Hottell (Strasburg, VA,1930), reprinted in Mennonite Historical Bulletin, 20: 3 July 1959.

    4. Johann George Sager

    5. Johann Wilhelm Sager

    6. Johann Conrad Sager

    7. Johann Phillip Sager

    8. Elizabeth Margaretha Sager

    Children with Barbara Delp

    9. John Sager b. c. 1750 Neunkirchen, Darmstadt, Duchy of Hesse

Generation #2


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