Descendants of Johann Emanuel Waltman
of the Palatinate of the Rhine

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C.)

Generation #2

Samuel (1Johann Emanuel) Waltman of Virginia

Samuel Waltman was born in about 1750 in Appenhoffen, Palatinate of the Rhine. Samuel immigrated in the company of his family on 10/26/1768 aboard the Crawford to Pennsylvania. Samuel is not recorded on the ship's manifest; as he would have been too young to sign the Declaration of Allegiance.

Sometime after their arrival in Pennsylvania, Samuel in the company of his family migrated down the Great Wagon Road to northern Virginia. And, the family settled in Loudoun Co VA.

In about 1775 probably in Loudoun Co VA, Samuel married a woman named Elizabeth. Samuel lived the remainder of his life in Loudoun Co VA, dying in 1806. Samuel's name is found in an 1833 dispute over the legacy which he left to his descendants.

Elias Stream & Mary Ann, his wife, Plaintiffs agt Elizabeth Waters, Ruth Waters, Ann Waters, Rachel Waters & Eliza Waters, Defendants

. . .[Elizabeth] Waters dec. & others and Jacob Waltman the interest of said _____ in the land of her deceased father Samuel Waltman dec. . .Said [Elizabeth] intermarried with Jacob Waters, and had children your _____ Mary Ann. Elizabeth Waters, Ruth Waters, Rachel Waters, & Eliza Ann Waters all of whom are infants: the said land is manifestly worth less than $300 to the share, and the said E[lizabeth] died intestate. . . .


    1. David Waltman

    2. John Melchior Waltman

    3. Elizabeth Waltman b. 1786 Loudoun Co VA

    4. Jacob Waltman

To the worshipful the County Court of law _____ your petitioners Elias Stream & Mary Ann his wife late Mary Ann Waters, respectfully show that by the decree of this court rendered in the cause between the representatives of [Elizabeth] Waters dec. & others and Jacob Waltman the interest of said _____ in the land of her deceased father Samuel Waltman dec. & late of this county, is set apart to her, consisting of thirteen acres and an half as will appear viz the proceeding in said suit.
Wednesday, November 06, 1793      Died: Friday, April 21, 1865
Documented Age: 71 years, 5 months, 15 days

Generation #3


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