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Generation #2

Frances (1Richard) Willis of Maryland

Frances Willis was born 8/7/1688 in Dorchester Co MD. In about 1708 in Dorchester Co MD, Frances married Edward Newton born c. 1683 in Dorchester Co MD And, Francis and Edward lived together for over twenty years, raising at least eight children.

The first record for Frances is her father's 1689 will wherein she is named. The next record for her is the 1712 Quaker wedding for brother John Willis and Margaret Cox wherein Frances is shown with her married name Frances Newton. Also included as a witness is brother Richard Willis. The only record found for Edward and Frances is the 1720 Quaker wedding for James Fookes and Elizabeth Kennerly. Of special significance is the fact that Thomas Brannock, Frances' future husband is also listed as a witness. This begs the question, "Were the Willises, Newtons and Brannocks also Quakers?"

But, Edward died before 6/1730 in Dorchester Co MD. Shortly thereafter, Francis, the new widow, married Thomas Brannock b. 1675 in Dorchester Co MD. As Frances married Thomas Brannock, son William would later marry Esther Brannock, and daughter Alice would later marry William Brannock.

Frances died after 6/15/1746 in Dorchester Co MD.

Dorchester Land Records Old 4 1/2:
Oct 21, 1689. Will of Richard Willis, Sr. "to two sons Richard & John Willis, dwelling plantation Rondly whey they attain age 21; to my wife, Frances Willis and my daughter, Frances Willis." 

(Dorchester Co MD) Quaker Marriage Records, p. 100:
Marriage of John WILLIS and Margaret COX at Transquaking 10 July 1712.
Witnesses: Richd. Willis, Thomas Cannon, Betty Cannon, Daniel Cox, Sarah Cox, Sarah Cox, Jr., Levin Hicks, Thomas Hicks, Thomas Hicks, Jr., Joseph Kennerly, Joshua Kennerly, Thomas Smith, John Stevens, Ann Stevens, John Foster, Mary Foster, Wm. Foulks, George Bowes, Charles Dean, Francis Fisher, Francis Newton, John Dawson.

(Dorchester Co MD) Quaker Marriage Records, p. 113:
Marriage of James FOOKES and Elizabeth KENNERLY at Transquaking 3 July 1720
Witnesses: Joshua Kennerly, Wm. Fookes, George Bowes, Daniel Cox, Ann Cox, Francis Newton, Thomas Cannon, Betty Cannon, Sarah Haywood, John Foster, Joseph Kennerly, William Kennerly, John Hudson, Mary Hudson, Nehemiah Beckwith, Thomas Brannock, Levin Woolford, Mary Woolford, Mary Kennerly, Martha Kennerly, Sarah Kennerly, Ester Kennerly, Francis Fisher, Edward Newton.
MD Calendar of Wills," Vol. VI, p. 109
Will of Frances (Dawson Willis) Fisher of Dorchester Co MD:
Written 2/19/1723. Proven 5/7/1729.
Unto my loving daughter Frances Newton one feather bed, bolster & covering. . .also one large trunk with what shall be therein contained and all my wearing clothes and a cole still with one chest of drawers. . .
Witness: Thomas Griffithy, Samuel Long, William Burn.
Codicil dated April 14, 1729. John Pitt, Deputy Clerk of Dorchester Co.
Abstract of Wills, Dorchester Co MD
Folio 29-31 28 Jan 1744/45 BRANNOCK, Thomas
Son - Edmond BRANNOCK; Son - Edward BRANNOCK; G/Son - Thomas BRANNOCK; Son - Philemon BRANNOCK; Son - Henry BRANNOCK; Son - William BRANNOCK; Son - John BRANNOCK
Dau - Margaret, wife of Curtis EVANS; Dau - Mary, wife of John MEEKINS
Wife - Frances BRANNOCK
Witnesses: Thomas WOOLFORD, William KENNERLY & Thomas MACE
Dorchester Co MD Wills, Folio 228:
15 Jun 1746. BRANNOCK, Thomas, dec 
Exc - Frances BRANNOCK & John BRANNOCK


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