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Below are transcripts of original documents from The London Times all of which were written during the Famine Period:

Ireland: the distress. (1846, February 10) The Times.
The Irish poor law. (1846, February 10). The Times.
The state of famine and disease in Ireland. (1846, February 18). The Times.
Famine in Ireland. (1846, March 7). The Times.
Letter to the editor. (1846, March 11). The Times.
The year of pestilence and famine. (1846, March 14). The Times.
Letter to the editor. (1846, March 17). The Times.
The apprehended scarcity. (1846, March 20). The Times.
The Irish famine. (1846, April 15). The Times.
Lead editorial. (1846, September 22). The Times.
Famine and its remedy. (1846, December 16). The Times.
Bread riot in the city. (1847, January 11). The Times.
State of the West: riding of Cork. (1847, January 11). The Times.
Letter to the editor. (1847, January 16). The Times.
Distress in Cork. (1847, January 18). The Times.
The distress. (1847, February 19). The Times.
Government supply of seed. (1847, March 8). The Times.
Leader story. (1847, September 17). The Times.
Lead story. (1848, October 4). The Times.
The famine in the West. (1849, May 23). The Times.
Starvation in Galway. 1851, December 11). The Times.

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