Descendants of Lewis ap David of Cardiganshire, Wales

Generation #9

Bernis Bonaparte (8Willis Bonaparte, 7Simeon Thomas, 6Walden, 5John, 4William, 3James, 2James, 1James) Lewis of Jasper Co MS

Bernis Bonaparte Lewis was born 2/27/1897 in Rose Hill MS. He married Tommie Lenora Campbell b. 8/21/1907 in Wayne County MS.

Known as "Pop Bernis," my grandfather was content to work on the family farm in Rose Hill his entire life. Upon his death in 1968, his herd of cattle sold for a considerable amount. Pop Bernis is buried in the Lewis Family plot at Pleasant Grove Methodist Church in Rose Hill.

Lewis, Bernice 27 Feb 1898 W lives RFD Pachuta MS Jasper MS
Bernis B. Lewis
Feb 27, 1897
June 12, 1968
"Beloved Pop"


    1. Arnold D. Lewis born in Mississippi

    2. Mariclaire Lewis

    3. Patricia Lewis

Generation #10


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