The Kennedy Family of Virginia

Generation 6

Note: Information on the Lewis Family before Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 in Virginia comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes.

Reuben Kennedy (5James, 4John, 3James, 2James, 1Edmund) Lewis of Virginia

There is a yDNA connection between this person and my ancestor, Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 Spotsylvania Co VA. yDNA confirms an exact match (37/37) to some tests. And, there are close (36/37) matches and almost close (35/37) matches. All of theses matches deserve research to determine how the different families are related.

These test results can be found at the Lewis Surname DNA Project. Additionally, a detailed discussion of the significance of these test results and a comparison of the results for the five Lewis families of northern Virginia can be found at DNA Results.

This analysis focuses on the 37/37 match to Reuben Kennedy of Culpeper Co VA. As Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 Spotsylvania Co VA is my ancestor. How can someone named Kennedy be a perfect match? [Research]

The first record for this Kennedy family is in 1801 in Culpeper Co VA where Reuben Kennedy married Ursula Faulconer.

Previously, Reuben Kennedy's father was reported to be John Kennedy of Fredericktown MD. But, that family migrated c. 1776 to Boonesborough KY, settled in Bedford Co VA from whence John Kennedy enlisted as a volunteer in the Revolutionary War. After John died in 1781, John's wife and her "little children" migrated to Bourbon Co KY where she collected on his bounty land.

In 1776 JOHN KENNEDY, JR, son of DR. JOHN KENNEDY, SR., his brother, JOSEPH KENNEDY and brother, THOMAS KENNEDY, and JOHN KENNEDY, son of his half brother, DANIEL KENNEDY, with others making a party of 18, set out from Frederick Town (Frederick, MD) to establish Fort Boonesborough in Kentucky arriving at Fort Boonesborough on April 1, 1776. Trustees for the town site of 640 acres were DANIEL BOONE and JOHN KENNEDY among others. This was about 1779. ("Boonesborough" by Ranck, page 111)

JOHN KENNEDY, JR. removed to Bedford, Virginia and entered the Revolutionary War from there as a volunteer, Private in General Nathaniel Green's division. He was captured and taken prisoner at the Battle of Guilford Court House, North Carolina, on March 15, 1781 and ended up on a British prison ship, the "Jersey", off the Virginia Capes where he died of starvation. He was interred at the Eastern Shore Chapel, Prince Ann County, Virginia. ("Collins History of Kentucky", Vol II, Page 71).

But, this Kennedy family stayed in northern Virginia, settling in Orange county. The task is to work backwards to find the history for this family.

Reuben Kennedy was born in 1782, probably in Caroline Co VA. On 4/15/1801 in Culpeper Co VA, Reuben married Ursula Faulconer b. 1765 Essex Co VA. But, Ursula died by 1834. On 6/24/1834 in Orange Co VA, Reuben married Mary Hancock b. c. 1780.

Following Reuben is difficult.
-From 1820 to 1834, we find Reuben Kennedy in Orange Co VA, while he was married to Ursula.
-By 1840 a Reuben Kennedy is found in Stafford Co VA.
-By 1850 Reuben and son Littleton are found in Madison Co VA.
-Reuben died 1/12/1858 in Madison Co VA.

1850 Federal Census: Madison County, Virginia
HN  FN  LAST     FIRST      AGE Sex Occup.    BIRTH 
169     Jackson  Thomas     76  M             VA
                 Drusilla   85  F             VA
        Kennedy  Reuban     68  M             VA


    1. Littleton Kennedy b. 1802 Culpeper Co VA

    2. Hiram Kennedy

    3. Louisa Kennedy

    4. Newman Kennedy

    5. Granville Kennedy

Generation #7


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