Descendants of Lewis ap David of Cardiganshire, Wales

Generation #6

Note: Information on the Lewis Family before Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 in Virginia comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes. A detailed discussion of the many connections can be found at Lewis Family Research.

James (5Wills, 4James, 3James, 2James, 1Edmund) Lewis of Madison Co VA

There is a yDNA connection between this person and my ancestor, Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 Spotsylvania Co VA. yDNA confirms an exact match (67/67) to some tests. And, there are close (66/67) matches and almost close (65/67) matches. All of theses matches deserve research to determine how the different families are related.

These test results can be found at the Lewis Surname DNA Project. Additionally, a detailed discussion of the significance of these test results and a comparison of the results for the five Lewis families of northern Virginia can be found at DNA Results.

This analysis focuses on the 65/67 match to the James Lewis family of Louisa Co VA. [Research]

The 2/1776 record between James Lewis (Gen #4) and Alexander Spotswood gives us the name Smyth Tandy. And, this James named a son Tandy. Although only circumstantial, this is an avenue of pursuit.

Virginia County Records, p.325:
Feby. 15, 1776. Alexander Spotswood, Esqr., to James Lewis. Lease. 100 acres, etc. "Sd. James Lewis, Ann, his wife, and Willis Lewis, his son," etc. 600 lbs. tob. . .Wit. Jno. Craig. Benja. Burbridge, Allen Wiley, James Lewis, Smyth Tandy. Rec. June 20, 1776.

James Lewis was born c. 1772 in Orange/ Louisa Co VA. On 8/20/1794 in Orange Co VA, James married Nancy Ann Watkins b. c. 1774 Louisa Co VA. And, James may have been the white Overseer on the property of Mary Watkins in the 1798 Louisa record.

The next record for James is the 10/1800 Orange Co. record where he witnessed a deed. This record is important for placing James in Orange and informing that James was illiterate. This information helps distinguish this James from the many others.

Sometime before 1809 and the birth of son, Meriwether Anderson, James was permanently in Louisa Co. Reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that James and Nancy Ann lived on the Watkins property at Watkins Mill until their migration to Alabama.

In about 1818 after selling property--not necessarily land--James and family migrated down to Madison Co AL. And, their migration route would have probably taken them up the Valley of Virginia to the Wilderness Road and from Kingston TN down the Tennessee River to the vicinity of Huntsville AL.

James died 7/1828 in Madison Co AL.

Orange Co VA Marriages (1747 - 1850):
20 Aug 1794, James Lewis & Nancy,
daughter of Isham.
Wit by Joel Watkins (brother) & James Landrum (brother-in-law).
Mary Watkins is listed April 9 with 1 white Overseer over 16/ 0 Blacks 12-16/ 4 Blacks over 16/ 4 Horses

Orange County Deeds, 1798-1803, pp. 99-100:
27 Oct 1800. Deed from Tarlton Golsby to Colby Cowherd. Wit. by Y. Cowherd, Oliver Cross and James (His Mark) Lewis.

1812  property sale for James and Nancy Watkins, wife. Tandy [Lewis, son of James] signed the sale.
Louisa Co VA Deed Bk O, p. 146:
25-Nov-1818 In consideration of the good will an esteem we have toward Isham L. Watkins of Logan County, Kentucky and $1 we give all our claim to land willed to him by his father in which his mother Elizabeth Watkins was to have a right being land Isham Watkins, dec'd. resided during his lifetime in Louisa on waters of Christophers Run.
Sig. Joel Watkins, Elizabeth Watkins, James Lewis, Ann Lewis, John D. Watkins, Polly Watkins, Francis Landrum agent for James and Piney Landrum. Rec. 5 Jan 1819.


    1. Tandy Lewis

1812. Property sale for James and Nancy Watkins, wife. Tandy [Lewis, son of James] signed the sale.

    2. Mary Lewis

Harris, William W. Lewis, Mary Ann Vol. 2 p. 123 12 Aug 1818

    3. Elizabeth Lewis

Davison, Willis Lewis, Elizabeth Vol. C pt 1 p. 310 30 Sep 1822

    4. James Shasten Lewis

1850 Federal Census: Madison County, Alabama
HN  FN  LAST  FIRST      AGE Sex Occup.       BIRTH
233 233 Lewis James S    46  M   Wagon maker  Virginia 
              Sarah      18  F                Alabama 
              James H    22  M                Alabama 
              Margaret   16  F                Alabama 
              Julia      15  F                Alabama
              Francis    11  F                Alabama
              Frederick  10  M                Alabama
              Merewither  8  M                Alabama 
              William     6  F                Alabama

    5. Selina A. Lewis

Babb, William Lewis, Celia Vol. C pt 2 p. 435 09 Oct 1824

    6. Meriwether Anderson Lewis b. 5/25/1809 Louisa Co VA

Generation #7


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