Descendants of Lewis ap David of Cardiganshire, Wales

Generation #4

Note: Information on the Lewis Family before Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 in Virginia comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes. A detailed discussion of the many connections can be found at Lewis Family Research.

Edmund Lewis (3Joshua, 2James, 1Edmund) Lewis of Northampton Co NC

Edmund Lewis was born 1/20/1729 in Middlesex Co VA. And sometime before 8/1736, he migrated along with his family to Isle of Wight Co VA.

In 1742 Edmund's father, Joshua, purchased land in Northampton Co NC. This purchase is important; as this is where his sons would also settle. Edmund's brother, James, is first found in Northampton Co in 1748. And, Edmund was soon to follow. 

In about 1750, probably in Northampton Co NC, Edmund married Jane Wall b. c. 1730. Proof of the the marriage is found in the 1755 will for Richard Wall where he lists daughter Jane Lewis. But, James not Edmund Lewis signs as witness.

In 1752 Edmund is first found in Northampton Co NC where he warranted land on Cypress Branch. Edmund and Jane are first documented together in 1753 where they sold land to Humphrey Revell. Only six years later (1758), Edmund began selling his property in Northampton Co NC, first to his brother James. In 1760 Edmund is last found in Northampton where he sold additional lands to Thomas Harris. Previously, the question was whether Edmund died shortly after these land sales. 

Back in 1760, settlers migrating west out of Northampton would find themselves in Old Orange County. And, Old Orange County would contribute, wholly or in-part, lands which would constitute ten future counties in North Carolina. In plain English, Orange was a pioneer county where records did or did not survive. But, in which repository? Considering that by 1760 Edmund would have been in his early thirties, the question becomes "Where did Edmund and Jane settle after leaving Northampton?"

The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co VA (1653-1812), p. 125:
Edmund Son of Joshua & Martha born Jan’y ye 20. baptized Febry ye 16 1728.
Granville Dist. Of NC Land Grants Book 14, p. 115:
Edmund Lewis warrant dated 4 March 1751/2 to John Edwards to survey 300 acres in Northampton County, joining Francis Boykin, George Jordan, and the head of Cypress Branch /s/ Fras Corbin Entered at Northampton 26 February 1751/2.
26 FEB 1753. Humphrey Revell bought 20 acres land  from Edmund & Tene [Jane] Lewis of Northampton Co. Wit: Priscilla [Wall] Benson.
Granville Dist. Of NC Land Grants Book 14, p. 230:
Edmund Lewis 26 October 1754 370 acres in Northampton County, joining Thomas Boykin, Wm Waugmuck, Francis Boykin, and George Jordan 
Signed: Edmund Lewis Wits: Sher Haywood, Egbert Haywood
surveyed 29 May 1753 CC: Thos Hurrell, James Lewis,  J Edwards Surveyor
30 OCT 1754. Humphrey Revell land grant in Northampton Co., NC. Wildcat Swamp / Potecisi Creek. Mentions William Baldwin, Edmund Lewis, Turner.
Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, p. 390:
Wall, Richard. February 29, 1752. August Court, 1755.
Sons: Sampson, Richard, Arthur, Samuel. Daughters: Judith Deloatch, Sarah Boykin, Precila Benson, Jane Lewis. Wife: Lucy.
Witnesses: Chas. Campbell, James Lewis. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards.
Northampton Co NC Deed Book 2, p. 389:
1757 May 26. Edmond Lewis sold 165 acres to Charles Gregory, Jr., both of Northampton Co., NC, for £12 (current money of Virginia).
Bounds: Hardy Hart and Arthur Wall. Witnesses: Sampson Wall and Nathan Peace. Registered May Court 1757. (NCo ref. 1, p. 132).
Northampton Co NC Deed Book 2, p. 443:
EDMOND LEWIS of Northampton Co. to JAMES LEWIS of Northampton Co. 23 Feb 1758 12 founds current money of Va. 205 acres, joining HARDY HART, FRANCIS BOYKINS, and GEORGE JORDAN, all houses, orchards, gardens etc.
Wit: FLOOD SMITH, BENJAMIN SAULS Reg. Northampton Co. Feb. Ct. 1758 J. Edwards C. Ct.
Northampton Co Deed Book 3, p. 104:
3 NOV 1760. Edmond LEWIS & his wife Jane of Northampton Co, to Thomas HARRIS of same. 3 Nov 1760. 50 pounds VA. 300 ac which was part of 725 ac deeded to KILBEE 22 Jun 1749, on north side of Wheeler’s Hill Swamp, joining Christopher KILLBEE, Edmond LEWIS.
Signed Edmond LEWIS, Jane (X) LEWIS.
Wit: Humphrey REVELL, Drew HARRIS. Nov Ct. 1;760. CC J. Edwards
Northampton Co NC Will Book 2 (1792-1808), p. 52:
September Court 1794; Will 372. 29 October 1789. JANE LEWIS
-to my son JAMES LEWIS the plantation whereon I now live being 100 ares and one Pott, one Pann etc.
-to son BENJAMIN LEWIS 100 acres whereon he began to make improvements
-to son WILLIAM LEWIS the 100 acres whereon he now lives
-residue of estate after debts are paid to go to: WILLIAIM, BENJAMIN and SELAH LEWIS, PATIENCE GRIGGS and FANNY HOWELL
Extr.: my son JAMES. Wits.: ETHELDRED SMITH, MARY BROWN + her mark, JEREMIAH WARWICK X his mark.


    1. Fielding Lewis b. c. 1750 Northampton Co NC

-Fielding Lewis appears in records in 1778 when he patented land on Castle Creek (vic. Woodsdale.) in Caswell (now Person) Co NC.
-Fielding Lewis' mother was Jane Wall of Northampton Co NC. Her nephew, Byrd Wall, is found in Caswell Co NC in 1782 when he married Elizabeth Muirhead.
-Byrd Wall was a buyer at the estate sale for Fielding Lewis of Caswell. Reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that Fielding Lewis and Byrd Wall were cousins.

    2. Edmund Lewis b. c. 1752 Northampton Co NC

-Previously, Edmund Lewis was reported to be distantly related to Fielding Lewis as proven by DNA.
-However, the antiquated system for calculating Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor [TMRCA] was replaced.
-Now, we find that Edmund is actually a close relative and is possibly the brother of Fielding Lewis.

Generation #5


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